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Calendar of Events 2021

Jan 17: Snowshoe Discovery Tour Balsam Fir
10 am with Dave Saville

A relict of the ice age, Balsam Fir were once found as far south as Alabama. Following the glaciers’ retreat northward, scattered fir remain in the higher elevations of the Appalachians. We’ll take a close look a the Balsam Fir in Canaan Valley which are often called “Canaan Fir.” We’ll talk about taxonomy, threats, and the efforts of the US Fish & Wildlife Service, together with their partners in the Central Appalachian Spruce Restoration Initiative (CASRI) to better understand, protect, and restore this iconic Canaan Valley native.

Jan 18: Snowshoe Discovery Tour
10 am Chip Chase

Natural History Snowshoe Discovery Walk Delightful tidbits of natural history, the logging era, land protection in Canaan Valley and so much more. Snowshoe or walk about a mile or so to a scenic local brook trout stream, waterfalls, and a small shelter across a bridge.

Jan 24: Snowshoe Discovery Tour
10 am Hannah Studdard

Wondering if it’s time to try a new winter adventure? Hiking and camping in winter can be a different challenge than in warmer months. Preparation and understanding of how to tackle the conditions can be a bit intimidating. Come out for an easy snowshoe and introduction to winter skills on the 24th! We’ll talk gear, preparation, and what to do in emergencies. Those familiar with such activities are welcome to come and share personal experience and advice as well. If there is little snow on the ground, the hike will go on sans snowshoes. As in any outdoor venture, please bring water!

Jan 31: Snowshoe Discovery Tour
10 am

Northern Hardwood Ecosystem Rick Landenberger WV Land Trust

Feb 2: Groundhog’s Day SKi Tour
9 AM

Shadow or no, we head out for the day to celebrate the snow!

Feb 7: Snowshoe Discovery Tour
10 am with Emily Langer

Wildlife in Winter How do animals survive the winter? Winter can be a tough time for many wildlife species. From limited food sources to freezing temperatures, different species have unique ways of getting through the frigid months. Join us on February 7th for a snowshoe walk through the refuge as we discuss the different adaptations for wildlife in the winter.

Feb 7: Mtn State 25 Km Marathon XC Race
11 am

Rolling skate or classic go fast race with a 2km kid’s course, a 10km mellow division or the full 25km series of loops. $25/$5 kids fee.

Feb 15: Snowshoe Discovery Tour
10 am Chip Chase

Natural History Snowshoe Discovery Walk Another fun, almost comedy filled, streamside and vista peering walk with Mr Know It All. Little over a mile and about an hour.

Feb 19: Randy French Amazing XC Ski Clinic
8:30 am

Join Randy French as he ventures from northern New York State to WV to share his love of cross country skiing with you. As a long time instructor and member of the PSIA educational staff he will help your personal skiing with fun, specific individual tips that you can immediately use on your skis. If you have specific areas that you would like to improve in your skiing, he will be glad to address your questions.

Feb 21: Snowshoe Discovery Tour
10 am

Pauline Champlin Have you always wondered what species of bird that’s always outside of your window? Join ACE Public Use Technician Pauline Champlin on a snow shoe walk at White Grass. Learn basic birding skills such as how to ID birds and see what species you are likely to find in Canaan Valley during the winter. Along with proper birding etiquette and why the refuge is so important for the populations of many bird species. Binoculars will be provided for those who do not have any.

Make sure to wear a mask!

ImporTanT EvenT NoTes

EVENTS 20/21 Trail Work Weekends and Wreath Workshop now history and went really well. Thanks! Our first Snowshoe Discovery Tour is scheduled for Dec 27 10 am. Lots of interesting stuff. Many other events including several interesting Discovery Snowshoe Tours, our 25 Km Mtn. State Marathon, and some clinics. Will post as we figure this weird winter out. Plan on about every Sunday for our free snowshoe discovery walks. 

Robbie’s Rad Adventures and Chippie’s Care Free Tours Usually Sunday afternoons along easy trails focused on exploration.

Hash Hound Harriers ski hash schedule announced as they are determined.

Full Moon Skiing Trips are around each month’s lunar glare Dec. 30 2020, Jan 28, Feb 27, & Mar 28. We usually head out around 7:30 pm. Good snow and surprising visibility. 

Discovery Tours from the Past

Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge’s AmeriCorps member Kristen Lantz talking about how and why the native brook trout use cold water streams in the Valley.

AmeriCorps member Brandon Iddings sharing his knowledge about how and why the U.S. military used the valley during World War 2.

Ted Hodson discusses how water in all of its forms moves through the valley. Find out why the wetlands are so important to the water cycle, and how we can guarantee its survival. Ted Hodson will be talking about the history and importance of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Learn why the refuge system was created, what our mission is, and all of the fun activities that are allowed on wilderness land. Also an evening snowshoe and constellation walk. Learn about constellations and the night sky.

This place is a mecca for positivity, inclusiveness, and fun. I can bring my friends who have never skied before and they will have fun and I can bring big mountain friends and they will too. Great rentals, great food, great snow and trails, great music, most of all, great people. It is my spirit home.

— Colin Hughes

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