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ImporTanT EvenT NoTes

Robbie’s Rad Adventures and Chippie’s Care Free Tours Usually Sunday afternoons easy trails focused on exploration.

TBA Mountain Laurel Learning Coop Annual Fun Raiser Ski A Thon – 2 pm Support racers as they make laps on skis!


Hash Hound Harriers ski hash schedule announced as they are determined.

Full Moon Skiing Trips are around each month’s lunar glare Dec 22, Jan 21, Feb 19, Mar 21. We usually head out around 7:30 pm. Good snow, surprising visibility, internal sense of control.

Discovery Tours from lasT winTer

Water Water Everywhere – 10 am Join Park Ranger Ted Hodson on a hike where we discuss how water in all of its forms moves through the valley. Find out why the wetlands are so important to the water cycle, and how we can guarantee its survival.

Join AFHA AmeriCorps member Kristin Lantz on a snowshoe walk to learn about the method of dendrochronology! Hear about how tree rings are formed, how scientists age a tree, and ways to determine past environmental conditions from tree rings. We’ll even be coring a tree or two for some hands on learning experience!

Where Wildlife Comes Naturally – 10 am Join Park Ranger Ted Hodson who will be talking about the history and importance of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Learn why the refuge system was created, what our mission is, and all of the fun activities that are allowed on wilderness land.

Join Refuge Biologist Dawn Washington as she explores the topic of riparian zones and how they are important for water quality. She will demonstrate how the Refuge collects water quality data and explain how it is used.

This place is a mecca for positivity, inclusiveness, and fun. I can bring my friends who have never skied before and they will have fun and I can bring big mountain friends and they will too. Great rentals, great food, great snow and trails, great music, most of all, great people. It is my spirit home.

— Colin Hughes

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