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Calendar of Events 2021-22

November Trail Work every Sat/Sun 9 am Getting our ski terrain open for the winter along with a  delicious cafe lunch. 

Dec 4 40th Annual Jack Frost Celebration Season opener sharing your gifts of food, donations to local fund raiser, music, and more!

Dec 16 2021 Full Moon Ski 7:30 pm Silently gliding through the woods under the special glow of the moon on reflective snow. 

Dec 26 Snowshoe Discovery Tour 10 am Chip Chase Natural History Snowshoe Discovery Walk Streamside and vista filled walk with the entertaining White Grass owner. Little over a mile and about an hour.

Jan 16 Snowshoe Discovery Tour 10 am with Amylynn Ephraim Calling all snow sleuths! Let’s look for evidence of wildlife on a snowshoe walk. Finding tracks in the snow can spark our curiosity about animal presence, feeding behaviors, and gait patterns. See if we can detect who’s who and maybe even a whodunit! We will also have track casts in the event that our suspects leave minimal clues behind for us to find.

Jan 17 Snowshoe Discovery Tour 10 am Chip Chase Natural History Snowshoe Discovery Walk Streamside and vista filled walk with the entertaining White Grass owner. Little over a mile and about an hour.

Jan 22 bb biathlon 1 pm snow shovels versus bb guns. Fast, accurate, good on skis.

Jan 23 Snowshoe Discovery Tour 10 am with Refuge Ameri  Corps Hannah Studdard Wondering if it’s time to try a new winter adventure? Hiking and camping in winter can be a different challenge than in warmer months. Preparation and understanding of how to tackle the conditions can be a bit intimidating.
We’ll talk gear, preparation, and what to do in emergencies. Those familiar with such activities are welcome to come and share personal experience and advice as well.

Jan 23 8th Annual Mtn Laurel Learning Coop Skiathon Fundraiser 2 PM Sponsor a student skier and support MLLC. Most committed FUN- raisers in Appalachia. MLLC participants ski laps for dollars cause that makes cents!

Jan 30  Snowshoe Discovery Tour 10 am with Zoe Frye What is it that makes Canaan Valley so special? Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge sits at 3,200′, giving it a cool, moist climate similar to Maine and Canada.

Feb 2 2022 Groundhogs Day Ski 9 am All day adventure toward the Dolly Sods in search of clues to the rest of the winter.

Feb 6 Snowshoe Discovery Tour 10 am Climate Change: Join Rafe Pomerance for a conversation about the  state of  the climate crisis. In the late 1970’s Rafe began his four decades of work on climate change while working at Friends of the Earth and the World Resources Institute where he helped to launch climate change as  a public policy issue. He is currently a Senior Fellow for Arctic Policy at the Woodwell Climate Research Center  and served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Environment in the Clinton Administration.

Feb 6 Mtn State 25 Km Marathon XC Race 11 am Rolling skate or classic go fast race with a 2km kid’s course, a 10km mellow division or the full 25km series of loops. $25/$5 kids fee.

Feb 13 Snowshoe Discovery Tour 10 am Rick Landenberger is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geology and Geography at WVU in Morgantown, and the West Virginia Land Trust’s ‘Science and Management Specialist’. An ecologist and remote sensing scientist by training, he now oversees the WVLT’s land stewardship program and will talk about the role of protected areas in the rapidly changing global environment, focusing on the role of Tucker County’s forests in protecting biological diversity and other ecosystem services necessary for life.

Feb 20 bb biathlon 1 pm snow shovels versus bb guns. Fast, sharpshooter, skis that fly.

Feb 20 Snowshoe Discovery Tour 10 am with Emily Langer How do animals survive the winter? Winter can be a tough time for many wildlife species. From limited food sources to freezing temperatures, different species have unique ways of getting through the frigid months. We will discuss the different adaptations for wildlife in the winter.

Feb 21 Natural History Snowshoe Discovery Walk 10 am Streamside and vista filled walk with the entertaining White Grass owner. Little over a mile and about an hour.

Feb 27 Mtn State Fat Bike Champs 9 am This is a timed, XC style fat bike race held on XC ski trails with a staff of groomers making sure we have an amazing, groomed surface of that all important white stuff to ride on. The course will be on a mix of rolling lower trails this year, same as last season. It is a relatively flat race course with small descents and climbs in there as needed to try and regulate temperature a bit. The course will be groomed, as warranted by the conditions. Your day pass fee is included in the race entry. For more detailed event information, visit: *** Register at:

Canaan Hash Harrier Hounds events as they are decided * updated as new events are scheduled

ImporTanT EvenT NoTes

EVENTS 21/22 Many other events including several interesting Discovery Snowshoe Tours, some clinics, and much more. Will post as we figure this challenging winter out. Plan on about every Sunday for our free snowshoe discovery walks. 

Robbie’s Rad Adventures and Chippie’s Care Free Tours Usually Sunday afternoons along easy trails focused on exploration.

Hash Hound Harriers ski hash schedule announced as they are determined.

Full Moon Skiing Trips are around each month’s lunar glare Dec. 18 2021, Jan 17, Feb 16, & Mar 18 2022. We usually head out around 7:30 pm. Good snow and surprising visibility. 

Discovery Tours from the Past

Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge’s AmeriCorps member Kristen Lantz talking about how and why the native brook trout use cold water streams in the Valley.

AmeriCorps member Brandon Iddings sharing his knowledge about how and why the U.S. military used the valley during World War 2.

Ted Hodson discusses how water in all of its forms moves through the valley. Find out why the wetlands are so important to the water cycle, and how we can guarantee its survival. Ted Hodson will be talking about the history and importance of the National Wildlife Refuge System. Learn why the refuge system was created, what our mission is, and all of the fun activities that are allowed on wilderness land. Also an evening snowshoe and constellation walk. Learn about constellations and the night sky.

This place is a mecca for positivity, inclusiveness, and fun. I can bring my friends who have never skied before and they will have fun and I can bring big mountain friends and they will too. Great rentals, great food, great snow and trails, great music, most of all, great people. It is my spirit home.

— Colin Hughes

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