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Our powder has headed over Blackwater Falls. Timberline may open this weekend. Continuing taking WG down and planning to spring ski where the snowpack is deep. Will run this site for a while off and on, thanks for everything friends! Record Snow Info TWC * Max U.S. snow depth 260 inches (21.7 ft.)  at Leavitt Lake, CA, at 9,604 ft. in the Sierra Nevada Fearless Bob

Ski & Snow Info

   SKIABLE DAYS 55  Snow so far 62″ Oct 2 Nov 7 Dec 11 Jan 18 Feb 4 Mar 20

WG Ski Report 3/23/23 * Feb. Weather Summary * March Possibilities * PAXC * Radio Paradise

302 Season Passers Will White, Fork Union WV and Debby McHenry, Davis WV and Heather Robertson, Davis WV

CAFE Closed * WG Cafe Menu.pdf

Vermont’s telemark guru Dickie Hall * Early 80’s WG friends and staff

VII Wendell Berry

What a wonder I was

when I was young, as I learn

by the stern privilege

of being old: how regardlessly

I stepped the rough pathways

of the hillside woods,

treaded hardly thinking

the tumbled stairways

of the steep streams, and worked

unaching hard days

thoughtful only of the work,

the passing light, the heat, the cool

water I gladly drank.

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