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Head Waters

Just completed our spring trail sweeps pulling bridges, cleaning water ways, and putting winter to bed. Back to a different natural landscape. Trail workers are now a herd of black angus trimming the pastures for the next several months. We benefit from land conservation as more acres now in public ownership. WG is a farm again as we continue taking care of hundreds of acres. Already looking forward to our skiers returning for snowstorms and windy cold drifting.

Nothing can be done except little by little. Charles Baudelaire

388 Generous Season Passers Don Annonio Canaan Valley and Jeremy Wade & Ashley Dugger WDC and Scott Brude, Alexandria VA

WYEP Pittsburgh * Radio Paradise California

Farm Projects * Middle earth

All that time May Swenson

I saw two trees embracing.
One leaned on the other
as if to throw her down.
But she was the upright one.
Since their twin youth, maybe she
had been pulling him toward her
all that time,

and finally almost uprooted him.
He was the thin, dry, insecure one,
the most wind-warped, you could see.
And where their tops tangled
it looked like he was crying
on her shoulder.
On the other hand, maybe he

had been trying to weaken her,
break her, or at least
make her bend
over backwards for him
just a little bit.
And all that time
she was standing up to him

the best she could.
She was the most stubborn,
the straightest one, that’s a fact.
But he had been willing
to change himself—
even if it was for the worse—
all that time.

At the top they looked like one
tree, where they were embracing.
It was plain they’d be
always together.
Too late now to part.
When the wind blew, you could hear
them rubbing on each other.

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