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Chilly lately, the brightest lightening storms and plentiful rains locally. Outdoor adventure knocks. Summary of Winter.txt 

SKIABLE DAYS 120 * Seasonal Snowfall 121"

1979 original one room schoolhouse location for White Grass atop Shenandoah Mtn near Criders, Va.

The Sound Of Children Swimming By James Mee

A summer cabin on the lake.
The windows opened wide.
Hoping August’s sultry breeze
will take me for a ride.
I can hear them outside playing
in awe of being wet.
The splashy fun of belly-flops
cools off a summer sweat.
They make the noise of life itself,
a racket of pure glee.
Their shouts of silly marvels lift
a smile out of me.
I listen to their laughs and shouts,
to their joy in living.
The happiness of summer is
the sound of children swimming.

Grandpa’s Knob, Vermont…sent by Betty Gatewood

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