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Daily ReporT

Harvest Time

Easy to enjoy Appalachian heaven, mountains and rivers need no snow, just us! Activities abound alongside friendly folks to share their passion. Days are getting shorter. Looking forward to our favorite wintery season. Until then enjoying all this warmth and sunshine!

Summer MODE

Seasonal Snow 102 ” Oct 2 Nov 14 Dec 20 Jan 27 Feb 17 Mar 21

 SKI DAYS 77 (90 average, 142 best) * w/ 50 Km 30

 WYEP Sustainable Pittsburgh *  Top 50 Bands Year In Review

 OPEN FOR OFF SEASON CATERING * Cafe Catering Brochure pdf

HOT!!! Purple Fiddle DO NOT MISS SHOWS!

Mo’ Mojo Aug 10 The Barefoot Movement Aug 24 Humming House Sat Aug 31 Zach Brock, with Stephanie Nilles and Thomas Deakin Sept 1 Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers Sept 27 Driftwood Oct 4 & 5

Thomas WV 

Thank you!

To our Season Passers:  372 Passers this Year…More Than Ever and THANKS Nordic Nuts! 

To our Ski Patrollers: Stro, Adam, Ben, Jeff, Penny, Paul, Jason, Gary, Brad, Chip, Joel, Janelle, Liz, Krissy, Mike, John, locals Dr. Ed Rader, Dr. Tom Johnson, and other visiting volunteers.

What a Poem Means by Anita S. Pulier

   It means what you think it means.

All that,

but less.

True, the words

originate with intent.

Intent is not meaning.

Eyes flicker left, right,

brain conjures,

grief rises and falls,

context becomes a neighborhood

you move in,

new kid on the block,

fight off the bullies,

find a BFF.

InsTagram @whiTegrasswv

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