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Daily ReporT

Our 40th xc winter in Canaan starting off early. If anything like last winter batten down the hatches. In a skier’s mind there is no reason this will not be just as snowy and cold. Summary of last Winter.txt 

20/21 Seasonal Snowfall 121" SKIABLE DAYS Last Winter 120

Yoga still outside at Blackwater Falls in our glorious Indian Summer

You and I by Jonathan Potter

You are a warm front
that moved in from the north,
a blind spot bearing beautiful gifts,
a garden in the air, a golden filament
inscribed with the name of God’s hunting dog,
a magic heirloom mistaken for a feather duster,
a fountain in a cow pasture, an anachronistic anagram
annoyed by anonymity, a dollar in the pocket
of a winter coat in summer.

And I am the discoverer of you.

from House of Words.

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