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Daily ReporT

Wooly Bully

Starting to turn the corner on summer as long sleeve early morning walks welcome the day. Our off season slowly comes to an end with lots of excitement building for winter snow adventures. Won’t be long yet until then so much to love!

SNOWFALL Last Winter 117″ SKI DAYS 65 w/ 50 km 34 (average 130″ and 90 ski days, best 236″ & 117 ski days 2002/03)

 Jan Weather Summary * Feb Weather SummaryNew Record Low Temp * WG Ski Report 3/30/22.pdf 

Cow scratch on a 35 year old soft sign…Ride on, mountain bikers unite

Map by Gary Snyder

A hill, a farm,
A forest, and a valley.
Half a hill plowed, half woods.
A forest valley and a valley field.
Sun passes over;
Two solstices a year
Cow in the pasture
Sometimes deer
A farmhouse built of wood.
A forest built on bones.
The high field, hawks
The low field, crows
Wren in the brambles
Frogs in the creek
Hot in summer
Cold in snow
The woods fade and pass.
The farm goes on.
The farm quits and fails
The woods creep down
Stocks fall you can’t sell corn
Big frost and tree-mice starve
Who wins who cares?
The woods have time.
The farmer has heirs.

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