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Ullr has rattled his sword. A Purple Powder alert continues. Wow, what a blustery full blizzard day. More snow ongoing as this will be a powderful week of ski touring here in Canaan. East coast in a feeble attempt at keeping up with the West. Fearless Forecast Jan 16

CurrenT CondiTions

Ski & SNow Info

1/17 10:00 pm 18 blizzard * WG Ski Report 1/16/22

SNOW DEPTH 8″- 18″ SNOWSTAKE @ 4000′ 18″  NEW SNOW 12″ Km OPEN 50 Km GROOMED 25 so far LAST SNOWFALL 1.5″ 1/10  SNOW SO FAR 44″  SNOWFARM buried SKIABLE DAYS 13

Fearless Forecast Jan 16 * Webcams in PASnoCountry 

242 Season Passers Alexis Stephens and Michael Hild and Kenneth Wright

Froggy PB still strong and willing along upper 3 mile * The Yurt

The Social Life Of Water by TONY HOAGLAND

All water is a part of other water.
Cloud talks to lake; mist
speaks quietly to creek.

Lake says something back to cloud,
and cloud listens.
No water is lonely water.

All water is a part of other water.
River rushes to reunite with ocean;
Tree drinks rain and sweats out dew;
Dew takes elevator into cloud;
Cloud marries puddle;

has long conversation with lake about fiord;
Fog sneaks up and murmurs insinuations to swamp;
Swamp makes needs known to marshland;

Thunderstorm throws itself on estuary;
Waterspout laughs at joke of frog pond.
All water understands.

All water understands.
Reservoir gathers information
for database of watershed;
Brook translates lake to waterfall;
Tide wrinkles its green forehead and then breaks through.
All water understands.

But you, you stand on the shore
of blue Lake Kieve in the evening
and listen, grieving
as something stirs and turns within you.

Not knowing why you linger in the dark.
Not able even to guess
from what you are excluded.

from Application for Release

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