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Snow Is Good To Us

Off to a fun start with so many wreath makers, friends, trail helpers, and lots of generous donations to Mtn. Laurel School in Thomas. The last of the trail work will be fine tuning. Best conditions ever. Our favorite time of the year just around the corner. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers. Here Comes Winter.

Opening December First for 7 days a week

Bring a dish and we’ll have the music, beverages, fires, and friends gathered Dec 3

Fearless Forecast Nov 27 * Polar Vortex and October Snow * Canaan often Coldest place in the Nation

Ski & Snow Info

SNOW DEPTH all rain  SURFACE  every kind Km OPEN dwindled Km GROOMED 0

SNOWFARM 0″-6″ Nat’l Nordic (4200′- 4463′) 0″

SKIABLE DAYSNEW SNOW 0″  Last Snowfall 2″ 11/19

4000′ stake 0″ 4300′ stake all gone Snow so far 9.5″ Oct 2 Nov 7.5 

WG Ski Report 3/30/22.pdf * PAXC SnoCountry

Happy Holidays Everyone * Elkins Pal Mandy Sullivan creating a fun beautiful WG winter

Canaan Snow by David T Bartholomew

Where’d it all go? That thin coat of snow?
We’ve settled in for a new winter of white.
And just like a light switch, melted day into night.
A yesterday blanket, white mountain top fluff,
Absorbed into nothing, is it ever enough?
Now gone in a day, but soon there’ll be more,
Early winter in Canaan is never a bore.
Stand fast and hold tight, a great season will bite.
Deep storms and fast turns will soon promise delight

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