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Livin' In High Cotton

Turning the corner toward autumn with 40’s at night,  goldenrod and asters blooming like mad. We should start stretching snowfence in late October after the leaves fall and begin weekend trail work all of November. Been hearing lots of chatter about colder snow filled winter locally. First Frost and Flakes (10/4/23)

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   SKIABLE DAYS Last Winter 60  Snow 2022-23 85″ Oct 2 Nov 7 Dec 11 Jan 18 Feb 4 Mar 21 Apr 1 May 20

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From the Book of Time Mary Oliver (excerpt)

I rose this morning early as usual, and went to my desk
But it’s spring,
and the thrush is in the woods,
somewhere in the twirled branches, and he is singing.
And so, now, I am standing by the open door.
And now I am stepping down onto the grass.
I am touching a few leaves.
I am noticing the way the yellow butterflies
move together, in a twinkling cloud, over the field.
And I am thinking: maybe just looking and listening
is the real work.
Maybe the world, without us,
is the real poem.

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