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XC Skiers Go Both Ways

Feels like the start of a new season at WG known as Chippie Care Free Season. Forecasting almost heaven soft corn snow adventures this week. Melting is good for these icy trails. White Grass Ski Sale ongoing and consider adopting. Our season is far from over as it still snows and rains in March.  All pics current.

CurrenT CondiTions

Ski Info

3/8 8:30 am 21 clear calm BLUEBIRD SURFACE frozen granular loosening up later on PACKED BASE 0″- 16″  CAUTION fast skiing  Km OPEN 40 outa 50 Km GROOMED 25 SNOWFARM 5 km. 0″- 36″ w/ few short grassy spots  Nat’l Nordic (4200′- 4463′) 7″- 19″  SKIABLE DAYS 101 w/ 50 KM 67 

Snow Info

NEW SNOW 0″ Last Snowfall 1″ 2/23 4000′ stake 17″ 4300′ stake 19″ Snow so far 110″  Nov 7 Dec 35  Jan 24 Feb 44 Mar 0 * WG Ski Report 3/8 * Penna XC SnoCountry * Fearless Weatherman March 7 * Canaan Valley Coldest In Nation

EVENTS: XC Gear Sale Everything Must Go!

White Grass Café to Go Lunch
 Open 11:30 – 4:00 Daily

Robbie’s Rad Adventure almost there…another to the top as the sun sets and snacks pop out.

Season Passers: Your Support Keeps Us Skiing Onward and Up

Bert & Susan & Robert Taylor New Market MD and Linda & Eriks Brolis Onego WV and Juan Moore Run Davis WV *476 Friends of WG

Volunteer Ski Patrollers: Gisela, Stro, Adam, Ben, Jeff, Penny, Paul, Jason, Gary, Brad, Chip, Joel, Janelle, Liz, Krissy, Mike, John, locals Dr. Ed Rader & Dr. Tom Johnson. Safer skiing thru National Ski Patrol

A Frosted Haven By: Elessar Mickey M. Issenberg

On long feet up hill
Reach with each hand pushing me
Throughout the forest

The most handsome wise old giants with hard brown skin,
naked but white strips of cloth draped over their thick forms
Dressed in silver cowhide paper is their young kin
Tall black pointed woman with green dresses ripped and torn

Their black bodies contrast to the white blanket pulled around their bare feet
No wrinkles in the blanket but shallow holes leading to nothing but white
Holes left by the citizens of this white landscape: small creatures’ feet
Unlike us they refuse to fight

The beautiful giants they dance in the wind
And yet all is still and peacefully calm
A silent life that never sinned
Nothing could disturb it not even a bomb

The peace and calm makes you want to stay
Knowing this peace won’t happen on a civilized day

Ignore the cold Ignore its reign
Be indifferent to those who live in the tame

For they take for granted what they’ve got
But they don’t understand the good in having not

For nature is our home and it will take quite a stand
To tell you this fact and give you a hand

Through the snow and the giants with branches for hands
And the sun and the moon are your greatest friends

The stars are you’re company the wind is your bed
The earth is there to keep you well fed

And so it is with the flora and fauna
We sow with them in peace for the earth Mamma

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