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Daily ReporT

Fresh New Winter

May everyone find some sunshine and happiness in these uncertain times. Health and safety to all. Our sun is sinking. Getting ready. Lots of opportunity and doubt. Being outdoors will be our way of doing business this winter. Count on WG to make it happen in a safe and fun way. Many more announcements as we ponder on how to open carefully. Farmers Almanac fun yet never accurate.

Skiable days last winter 42 (average is 90, 138 in 2003-04)  with 50 km 17 * WG Daily Ski Report.pdf

Snow 19-20 105″ Oct T Nov 9 Dec 20 Jan 21 Feb 34 Mar 8 Apr 9 May 4

MVY Radio Cape Cod * WNRN VA sweet npr *  WYEP Sustainable Pittsburgh *  WYEP Best ’19 Albums 

Open For Catering Closed until Mid December

Delicious Homemade Soups, Hot Panini Sandwiches, Local Beer, Fine Wine, Fresh Cookies, Desserts and More!


March Dinner/Music Menu.pdf  * Mar 14 Menu/Prices.pdf.

Purple Fiddle Do NOT MISS SHOWS 

little free porch concerts all summer….Cruz Conteras Sept 18

Coolin’ off stay warm * Perfect North

Two sweet things * WV Highlands pdfBanff Film Fest 

Seasons Change

To our Season Passers: Optimism Easier With You

225 Dedicated Skiers

Volunteer Ski Patrollers: Stro, Adam, Ben, Jeff, Penny, Paul, Jason, Gary, Brad, Chip, Joel, Janelle, Liz, Krissy, Mike, John, Dwight, Steve, locals Dr. Ed Rader, Dr. Tom Johnson, and other visiting patrollers. Safety First!

By Immersion by Rose McLarney

To get a pure pumpkin,
one with sweet, smooth flesh, you had to
pollinate by hand and tape the blossom
closed.  Otherwise, the plants would cross,
get fertilized by any squash around.

Black horses wouldn’t stop rolling
in the dust, in pleasure,
legs up and out from under every load,
until their intestines tangled.
Or, at least that’s what was said in warning,

like they said Hellbenders,
two foot long, slime covered salamanders
that filled the river, were evil. 
Hellbenders breathed through loose skins,
filtering that water for decades,

and I swam in it, I went in deep.

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