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Summer Time

Easy to enjoy Appalachian heaven locally. Mountains and rivers need no snow, just us. Activities galore and friendly folks to share their passion. WG will be up and running as soon as things cool off again looking forward to our favorite season of wind and snow. Until then see you on the trails!

Summer MODE

Seasonal Snow 102 ” Oct 2 Nov 14 Dec 20 Jan 27 Feb 17 Mar 21

 SKI DAYS 77 (90 average, 142 best) * w/ 50 Km 30

 WYEP Sustainable Pittsburgh *  Top 50 Bands Year In Review


HOT!!! Purple Fiddle DO NOT MISS SHOWS!

Kaleta & Super Yamba 6/9 * Trout Fishing in America 6/16 * Mountain Heart 6/29 * Driftwood 7/6 * Furnace Mtn 7/20 * Mo’ Mojo Aug 10

Skiin’ For Joy

Thank you!

To our Season Passers:  372 Passers this Year…More Than Ever and THANKS Nordic Nuts! 

To our Ski Patrollers: Stro, Adam, Ben, Jeff, Penny, Paul, Jason, Gary, Brad, Chip, Joel, Janelle, Liz, Krissy, Mike, John, locals Dr. Ed Rader, Dr. Tom Johnson, and other visiting volunteers.

High School Boyfriend by Margaret Hasse

You are hometown.

You are all my favorite places

the last summer I grew up.

Every once in a while

I write you

in my head

to ask how Vietnam

and a big name college

came between us.

We tried to stay in touch

through the long distance,

the hum and fleck of phone calls.

It was inevitable

that I should return

to the small prairie town

and find you

pumping gas, driving a truck, measuring lumber,

and we’d exchange

weather talk,

never able to break through words

and time to say simply:

“Are you as happy

as I wanted you to be?”

And still I am stirred

by musky cigarette smoke

on a man’s brown suede jacket.

Never having admitted the tenderness

of your hands, I feel them now

through my skin.

Parking on breezy nights,

in cars, floating passageways,

we are tongue and tongue like warm cucumbers.

I would walk backwards

along far country roads

through late evenings cool as moving water,

heavy as red beer,

to climb into that August.

In the dark lovers’ lanes

you touched my face

and found me here.


InsTagram @whiTegrasswv