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All roads lead to White Grass! Located at 643 Weiss Knob Ski Road, off Route 32 and at the end of Freeland Road in Canaan Valley, WV. Winter can make driving difficult – please use caution on Freeland Road and in our parking lot!

Groom and zoom!

We regularly groom 25-30 km of trails with machine-set and rolled track. We go off at times and pack more. We operate a 1995 Pisten Bulley 160 snowcat and two large four-stroke snowmobiles. Yellowstone Tracking pull-behind groomers do most of our work. Skaters may find us on the narrow side, so consider bringing diagonal stride skis as well as a backcountry setup in your quiver. First-timers will feel our trails are groomed with them in mind.

Winter in Canaan Valley

XC exploration is fun at our neighboring Canaan Valley and Blackwater Falls state parks. XC skiers can also purchase one-way lift tickets at Canaan Valley ski resort and come over the top via their mountain next door.

The Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge provides many learning opportunities as well, including guided natural history snowshoe trips and hikes. All together, the Canaan Valley region offers one of the finest Nordic networks in the eastern U.S. with well over 100 km of trails. Check out the amazing topography on our maps, also available for free in the lodge.

Cabin Mountain: Our Home in Canaan Valley

  • Home to our Nation’s 500th National Wildlife Refuge
  • 48 trails covering over 60 km
  • 12 shelters, several with wood stoves
  • Over 1200-foot vertical drop: 3220’ – 4463′ 
  • Annual precipitation: 53″, almost an inch per week!
  • Average Snowfall: 160″, over 13 feet!
  • Mean Annual Temperature: 44 degrees F
  • Average January Temperature: 23 degrees F
  • Coldest Temperature: -24 degrees F
  • Warmest Temperature Ever: 95 degrees F
  • Average Skiable Days on the shady side at 4000′: 95
  • Best Skiing: mid January – early March – it can be sunny and 50 or cloudy and 20 below on any day in winter. Sorry, if it was colder none of us could afford to live here…this is not Utah. We get rain!

Dog Policy

 We allow pooches on certain designated trails that lead to Forest Road 80 and the Dolly Sods including Timberline Trail. NO DOGS IN MAIN PARKING LOT! Please use our Freeland Run lot at the corner and stay off 3 Mile, Springer, etc. We do this to keep your pooch safe and our trails in good shape. No one loves dogs more than we do. Thank you!

SafeTy and Emergency Procedures

  • Check posted trail conditions and weather forecast before heading out.
  • Dress warmly in layered clothing, protect your extremities and be aware of the onset of darkness, stormy weather, and differences in elevation.
  • Carry plenty of water and snacks, a headlamp, and a compass.
  • Avoid skiing too far.
  • Stay on terrain well within your abilities as a skier.
  • IF INJURED: Stay calm. If possible don’t leave injured skier alone. Keep them warm and hydrated. Check their location on a map and send for help. First aid will be dispatched. Call (304) 866-4114 or 911 for emergencies

This is our 4th year going for XC skiing and we love it here. The past two years we have taken our kids, and now they ask to go every year. Chip and his staff are super helpful and patient with beginners. Reasonable rental rates. The cafe has amazing food with both gluten free and vegetarian options. Definitely need to check them out.

— Kristen Foster

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