3/31 7am 38 cloudy expecting more snow

WG Report.pdf * SnoCountry * PAXC

Fearless Weatherman * Chip's Alternative Activity List

Mtn State Fat Tire Results * 2018 RACE RESULTS


SURFACE wet rain soaked soft granular

PACKED BASE 0"- 3" (snowfarm 0"- 14")

CAUTION NONE great end to a fine season...thanks


Consider WG Cafe Catering for your summer events


Last Snowfall 2" 3/22

4000' stake 1" pic 3/25 * 4300' stake 3" pic 3/15

SNOW 147" Oct 9 Nov 2 Dec 36 Jan 31 Feb 23 Mar 46

Km OPEN 15 snowfarm and highest cold areas


SKIABLE DAYS 94 * With 50 KM 57


EVENTS chippie care free spring ski season bound to end soon


SNOWFARM about 60% complete

Nat'l Nordic (4200'- 4463') 0"- 3"

Snurfer Mad River Glen Parody! Mockumentary Extraordinariness..Burton paid to sneak in and film

Friends OF WG / Facebook * WG Ski Area / Facebook

Best Skiing mid January-early March. Expect 50 or 20 below

Powder & Rip * WG Powder Hounds * Geländesprung

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SEASON PASSERS Matt Clouse & Jay & Kathy Belyeu Takoma Park, MD and Chris Elfing & Ann Miles Takoma Park/Canaan and Dave & Robin Barnett Bruceton Mills WV/Canaan * 385 passers


SKI PATROLLERS: Thanks to Stro, Ben, Jeff, Penny, Paul, Jason, Gary, Brad, Chip, Joel, Stinky, Mike, John, locals Dr. Ed Rader, Dr. Tom Johnson, and other visiting volunteers.

OVERHEARD: Like skiing here, never too far from the dirt Bill Witzemann * I did a piss test and didn't even see the ground Dick Geiser * 2 months of skiing in one day Mark Anderson * I am proof that skiing is a substitute for sleep and food Spencer * snow goes sour faster than milk Nori * * "immature snow" Mad River Glen defines rain * telemarking in logging pants * I'm coming here every weekend until we die Ritchy & Vicki * Glide to Bald Knob and then decide where to ski * Use the quads that God gave you Stevie W * Is there a backcountry ski category for the Mtn State Marathon? Spencer * My skis can't take the chairlift * I don't know what hurts more my butt from falling or my cheeks from laughing * we took a lot of wrong turn to get here * I wouldn't even tried xc if it wasn't for WG * they burn low levels of diesel fuel here Spencer * our teeth got cold we were smiling so much Eric * Our emails and cell calls froze and we saw a polar bear up there * White Grass is what you find at the end of the rainbow or maybe rainbows originate from there. Either way, you need some. Mike Messenger * I did good and hit the ground a hundred times * WV Nordic ...bear dogs with moonshine * Namaski - the skier in me honors and appreciates the skier in you. Pass it on. John Tidd * I've never slid on snow standing up * Count our snow in dog years * anybody can be nice 3 months of the year * iN wINTER IT'S A MARSHMALLOW WORLD * it's easier just scarier & skiing downhill on xc skis at 5 mph is more freaky than snowboarding at 5 times the speed Brian Haze * legislate raising the freezing temp of water to 40 Eric Erbe * never cancel due to a weather forecast Kevin Moore * if there's snow on the ground skis are on your feet * The best way thru the forest is on the snow * go as far as can go and then go a bit further Bill Fischer * skiing is a dance and the mountains have the lead * Sking in the parking lot is called a Texas Base grind Lauren * WG uses moonshine as wax remover * better to have nicks on your skis than dust * Might want to check the lifts, they seemed slow Jeff Simcoe * if you wanna learn how to ski revel in marginal conditions Windy Bridgewater * WG... Ski It When You Can Roger Zbel * Guess the human sacrifice worked Spencer Lee *Everybody wants to ski to the top and when you arrive there it's just the beginning * WG is developing its warm snow technology * Nirvana is not only a band...it's a place called White Grass Mike Kenny don't track it up til I get there...Todd * there are many paths thru the forest Joe Cheff * Bramble On by zeppelin trail blazer Todd * Best thing about XC is that you don't hafta wear a helmet or goggles * WG is close to the earth * Glad to serve while hoping winter can be one of your four favorite seasons. * There's a stick falling on our trails every second * Downhill skiing is thrilling yet short lived Mark * skiing on one inch our mission * I know I'm not the center of the universe but today seemed to be meant for me Anne Sills * We're only huggin' to stay warm * old people skiing in circles on flat ground Brian Hazlett * definitely have a distribution problem with your snow here * no green snow? * the wind is blowing all of Maryland's snow here Lang King * know skiing is great when I meet Chris Good in the parking lot Mark Anderson * trails trying to get nowhere quick Eric Erbe

Snow Farm 5 km 300 vert by Stro

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Bill Berlin * Alex Kosowski * Adam Issenberg

In closing for this season, I want to acknowledge weather input from two colleagues.  Josh Brenneman of Bittinger, MD and the official published NWS COOP weather observer Dave Lesher of Canaan Heights.  Josh ha cosnsulted with me on his local forecast expertise during especially difficult situations.  Dave's dedicated and timely official snowfall observations form the basis for my snowfall forecasts and model guidance on those amounts.  I could not make these forecasts without both these gentleman's contributions.  Thanks guys for making this a team effort! Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman (Bob Leffler, Damascus, MD/Canaan)

Anya Barlow

Carl Larsson 1853-1919 sent by Charlie Waters

Robbie's Rad Adventure


Baldy Shelter

Sue Haywood /Paul Broughton skied almost every trail @ WG in 10 hours

Andy Burnette

Lydia Darrow

Phoebe Shaw

what groomers do on the side Robbie

Ski Flu? Whitegrass is the cure! We had a ball today. Joe Sizemore

Brian Menzies

Enjoy. Spring is on the way, but it's loitering. Strat Douglas

First tracks on Skyline drive Krispian McCullar

Jesse Jepson

Elk Knob near Boone, NC




Kevin McDermott

Jason Coffman / Black Bear Burritos

Ben & Lindsey

Joel Wolpert 3/14

Kirsten Vaillancourt

Thank you to Chip Chase, Laurie and the entire crew at Whitegrass for all your hard work, and for sharing your love of Mother Earth, family, friends,wonderful food and skiing!! It is definitely contagious! I will always cherish our time together on your magical mountain!! We are passing on the love to our kiddos and think this weekend sealed the deal!! Kristin Staley

rOBBIE'S rAD 3/11

Lucas Warner

Chipper, thanks for making WG one of the coolest ski areas on Planet Earth! Vern Patterson

Mt. Stewards TMI * WV Mushroom Foray July 20-21 Canaan Valley * Saving Snow sent by Naomi Jarvis

Alex Kosowski Beaver Creek Hazel & Bridger Gault

Mt Bohemia * Valley Spur * Munising, MI

It is ridiculously sunny and warm here in Cleveland but we are still holding out hope for a little more snow to practice everything we have learned. We are very grateful for Chip and his willingness to open up his ski mecca to us. Randy thank you for all the effort you put into those two days. Everyone learned a great deal. We look forward to skiing with all of you again in the future! Take Care, Ashley Rossetti / Cleveland Metro Parks

Ray and Cristina Loglio Phaneuf Caitlin Greg 5 time winner Birkie

river trail David Blackley * Banff Film Fest Harley Cahen

Way to go USA!

White Ecstacy w/ Glen Plake

4000' @ 10" 3/25 4300' @ 20" 3/15 by Bill Fischer

Sawyer on his first journey to Roundtop by Anne Mtn. Yoga

PSIA * Timberline

Leslie Suppes 2/20

Purple Lizard Maps

Dolly Sods

SNOW FINALLY ARRIVES IN THE ROCKIES; EAST MELTING DOWN Conditions are mixed midway through one of the biggest weeks of the season for the nation's ski industry, with the Rockies finally getting huge dumps, and the East and West Coasts struggling with warmth and lack of snow, according to published reports. In the Rockies and Cascades, Winter Storm Oliver brought another burst of snow through Sunday, then spread into the Midwest. When everything is said and done, snowfall will be measured in multiple feet in the Washington and Oregon Cascades, Idaho's Bitterroot Mountains and Wyoming's Tetons and Absaroka Mountains . Portions of Montana had already picked up as much as 18 inches of snowfall through Saturday. Up to 16 inches of snow had been measured in parts of the Washington Cascades as of late Saturday. Utah and Colorado ski resorts are also reporting enviable conditions, with snowfall measuring in feet at many popular resorts. “Winter is back and Aspen is back to form being the greatest ski resort in the universe. Wow! What a difference a week and 50 inches of snow make!” resident Mike Marolt tweeted. Unfortunately, snowfall amounts in the snow-starved Sierra will once again be rather unspectacular by mid-February standards. And in New England, after a good start, earlier conditions  have deteriorated in a thaw-freeze cycle. With temperatures expected to hit the 60s in Burlington, VT, on Wednesday, things are not looking good for the near future. The long-range forecast looks more hopeful. OpenSnow.com predicts: The remainder of February will favor powder in the western US and Canada while the east stays warm. Then, as we transition into March, the weather pattern will shift slightly, and this should bring colder weather and snow to the west coast as well as the east coast.

Kate Grinberg 2/18

Joey/Mandy/ Henry/Haley's Bike Shop

somebody call the Smithsonian Robbie

Sunset Susie by Todd * 100" on ground at Stowe Vt. stake 3/16/18

Boys flipping out Utube * Freakystyle * WG Salsa * Chase Kids Outside Mag

Hawk Knob Cidery @ WG 2/10

Leader Evaporator/ VT

Difference a day makes Adam Issenberg

Great times as always! Nathan Kerr

Yoga In The Yurt w/ Leah Staley

Rime and Reason Dylan Jones

groundhog's ski

You guys blew me away with the exchange of boots for a different size! Thank you. Makes a world of difference. Hoping to get your way soon. Turns from my local hill this morning. I’m the only one who skis this. Zach Sipe


Phoebe Shaw whitegrasser


Alex Kosowski Mtn State Fat Tire Results @ WG * Fat Bike Marquette

kids ski hash / bb biathlon by Sheena

WG flag @ Crested Butte Bill Berlin * OR & Ski Show News 2018

In the mid Atlantic they're all junk boards Jason Cyr

Maureen, Griffin & Ivan

Harley Cahen nytimes.pdf * Nordic Response

WVSO * CVI is Hiring a new Executive Director


original on display only @ WG


Wolf Creek Sue Capelle sent us one...

Woodlands Development Group

Western Centuries chippie attack Maggie


Sicklers Greens local, what we sell, and they ski WG

Blue Ridge Outdoors Award thanks Jess!

Randall Reed Farm Boss goin' on 97

John meets Chip small guys club

Harley Cahen Laurie's bday

Groovy Groomer by Vern

go Cooper dogs run free

Dylan Jones

Mandy brings health, joy, & happiness facebook robbery

Arthur thanks! * January Highlands Conservancy Voice

Snurfer Mad River Glen Parody * The Hawk w/ Dave Raizman Mockumentary Extraordinariness...Burton Snowboards offered to split $25,000 for sneaking into the 4 areas that do not allow their sport in 2005. Alta, Taos, Deer Valley, and my favorite ski area by a million miles Vermont's Mad River Glen...check out the powder bumps, they are everywhere long and steep there.

dogs allowed if floating Sierra meeting Donald Duck by Mike & Devon

Athey flight by Todd * Chip wide eyed and weird 1/17 WBOY Snowfarming Clip


Hey Whitegrass, I bought a season pass today, and what a day to do it. Now everyone go forth and do the same, this IS nature conservancy. David McCue

Best part of my day was resting in the sunshine with wind chimes and birds Casey King

What a perfect day out there! Had a great time skiing with Hazel, Chad, Stro and Chris. Andrew Gault 1/7/18

ski all day ski all night Jonny Hudson

Mo by Todd

Mr Dave i.e. Gravy

Sue Haywood John Bowers local hero


Chip -- Some quick pix of our 12 mile tour Saturday around Cabin Mt and up Stonecoal. We had a couple bushwacking adventures - we were never lost but just couldn't find the trail! It was very cold but no problem as long as we didn't stop for long and kept skin surfaces covered. The snow was awesome. Finished with a sweet schuss down the Breakfast Bowl. Bill Berlin

fine start thanks to you and all the good folks at WG. no friendlier, more enthusiastic place to be whatever the conditions, and we were lucky enough to have a perfect day Wed to top it off. we hope the cold persists, snow falls, and we can soon return. best to Laurie. we missed seeing her. John and Anne

Vern Patterson


The last 13-days ( 12-26-17 through 1-7-18) are the coldest 13 days ever recorded in Canaan Valley, WV's official National Weather Service 73-year climate record (based on preliminary data). What was noteworthy of this brutally cold period was not that any one day had extremely low temperatures, but that this period experienced such consistently, much below average readings. The warmest temperature recorded during the 13 days was 24 F with one day staying below zero F all 24-hours. The average high temperature for the period was 12.0 F with the average daily minimum temperature being -2.9 F. That yields a 13-day average temperature of 4.6 F, a whopping 2.5 degrees lower than the next coldest 13-day period in any other year. Ten of the 13 subject morning's recorded sub-zero F minimum temperatures. The average temperature during this cold snap was equivalent to average January temperatures found at sea-level around the frigid James Bay on the southern end of Hudson Bay, 1,400 miles north in central Canada. While the extreme low during the period was a modest -13 F by Valley standards, a new high quality research station in the Canaan Valley Wildlife Refuge located in a frost hollow, recorded two separate mornings of -25 F and -24 F on 1/3 and 1/7/18 respectively. The research temperature station is only 125 miles due west of Washington/Regan National Airport (DCA) as the crow flies. Canaan Valley's official National Weather Service COOP weather station has recorded minimum temperatures in the 20's F in all 3 summer months (June, July, August). Canaan's valley floor has an average growing season shorter than that found in Fairbanks, Alaska in the cold interior of that state. It is the highest, large valley floor in eastern North America with an average valley bottom elevation of 3,250 feet. It's bath-tub like shape also helps trap cold air forming overnight extremely efficiently during clear, calm, dry weather conditions. This frigid pattern is coming to an abrupt end this week. Temperature should soar well into the 50's F on several days by week's end. Some data courtesy of David Lesher. Bob Leffler

Yoga In The Yurt Sunday’s at 10:00 am in the yurt behind the WG lodge. Every class is for all levels and by donation (pay what you want/can). Some yoga mats are available to borrow, but please bring your own if you’re able. Don’t forget water :-) Leah Staley

Tom Batchelor... Imagine lessons with Sue Haywood

Blackwater Sled Run Mr. Dave

surfs up Mike Sayre

Sue Haywood

Dave Miller

Devon & Mike

Namaski - the skier in me honors and appreciates the skier in you. Pass it on. John Tidd

Jivaka Local Wellness Eddie Spaghetti Art

Robbie's Rad Cheyenne Carter

Amy Moore

WV Living covers Laurie Iris Dubansky

Gabe 12/26

Ryan Gaugot

killer track and courdroy Sue Haywood 12/26

Xmas snow — get out and enjoy! Thanks Chip, Laurie and everyone at Whitegrass for everything you do! Featured skier: Xcbitsy Mark/Clare Anderson 12/25

Happy New Year White Grass

Christmas Eve shelter camp out Heather Waggy



shelter art

Still Hollow Cat Wilson-Hauger

Could you push another USA Today Poll on your social media channels, please? http://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best- Thank you brother! Brian Sarfino

B'water Falls State Park by Hannah Snyder

MINNESOTA TRAIL SYSTEM INTEGRATES XC SKIERS AND FAT-TIRE BIKERS : A 12-mile segment of the Norpine Trail System on the North Shore in Minnesota will be open to fat-bikers as well as cross-country skiers this winter, according to published reports. The designated ski trail, groomed for both classic and skate skiing, will be open to fat bikes on a trial basis this winter. Fat-bikers will be permitted to ride on the wider portion of the trails groomed for skate-skiing under appropriate conditions. Fat-biking was allowed on the trail on a one-time basis this past January for the inaugural Norpine Fat Bike Classic race, said Mike Larson, president of the Lutsen-Tofte Tourism Association. The impetus for finding trails for fat-bikers originally came from resort owners on the shore, Larson said. They saw participation among cross-country skiers leveling off and were looking for ways to diversify their business. Cross-country skiers are required to buy a Great Minnesota Ski Pass on trails, like the Norpine Trail System, that receive state grant-in-aid funds for grooming. Fat-bikers are encouraged to buy the ski passes and also become members of the Norpine Trail Association with a donation, Larson said. After this winter's trail use is evaluated by the Norpine board, a decision will be made about future use.

Great first weekend of skiing! Back again soon, James.

Sickler Greens

Summers are cool and humid with afternoon maximum temperatures averaging in the mid 70s °F. Summer morning minimum temperatures average in the low 50s °F. Due to its altitude and "frost hollow" topography, extreme minimum temperatures below freezing (20s °F) have been recorded in every month of the year. The average growing season of about 95 days is shorter than in Fairbanks, Alaska . Winters are typically cold and snowy with an average winter producing 134 inches of snowfall. The largest snowfall of 257 inches was recorded in 1995–96 winter. Even in the mildest of winters, over 5 feet of snow falls. Snow pack usually reaches a maximum depth of about 2 feet plus in late February. In exceptionally cold snowy winters, packs can exceed 4 feet in depth in the woods WIKIPEDIA (written by our fearless Bob Leffler above)

Gabe 12/16

Gabe last year w/ WG staffer Chip

Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Bill Berlin always heading up, far away, & long

natty nord 12/15 Bob Livingston 12/15

Thank you so very much, on behalf of our clients and my staff for the enormous amount of nonperishables you collected!!! And the financial contribution was unreal. Veronica Staron Blackwater Ministerial Association Food Pantry way to go jack frost generous doners united!)

Todd's Pond

Bobby & Annie Snyder Award Winners

original WG

Weather Channel

Dec 10 - Snowshoe Discovery Tour Water Water Everywhere - 10 am Join Park Ranger Ted Hodson on a hike where we discuss how water in all of its forms moves through the valley. Find out why the wetlands are so important to the water cycle, and how we can guarantee its survival.

Harp players too loud by Candace Taylor Suitcase Junket Erica & Andy run xc center & cafe

thanks Herb/JC Lumber for hard to get locust

Friends Of Blackwater

Highland Farm/Food

few changes @ WG sled run

So many Jack Frost's thanks, here are two that donated generously. .Rambling Root and Morgantown Brewery

Susan Gall

they said the moss was already loose and they put it back where it was Melanie

Eddie Art Vern Patterson

Vern Patterson

Blackwater Falls sled run Mr. Dave up all night

waiting for snow Keith / Ivonne

November Weekend Trail Days: Thanksgiving weekend lead us to highest of the high as well as bridge and glade snipping where we netted over 85 hours bringing the yearly total close to 700 hours. Appreciate the slave labor from Chris Wellborn, Chip, Todd, Robbie, Ed, Dick, Bill Fischer, Joe Chef, Jim Meckley, Tim, Jesse Tom Johnson, and Mark Mid Nov. outings netted 240 hours of improvements as we thank PATC crew Bert, Edna, Ralph, Doug, Jack, Bill, and Peggy, along with Bert and Robert, Tim and Melba, Kevin, Max, JT, Eddie, Ben, Adam, Windy, Mark and Mark, Todd, Chip, Adam, Ed, Bruce, JT, Ben, Eddie, Chris, Morgan and Molly, and L.E. sweeping Little oregon, plum orchard, repairing bridges, and liftshack glades.On Sunday Tim, Ralph, Doug, Jack, Kevin, Chip, Windy, Mark and Chloe set up the snowfarm, clipped anitas, along with dark forest widening. Appreciate all the hard work and high exercise levels in mid November with Harry and Laura, Walter, Dick, Jeanne and Jim, Kobi and Tim, Kevin, Jess, Robbie, Todd, Eddie, Ed, Chip, Redman, Kevin and Michele, Max and Kim, Gina, Bill and Hillary, Paul Hess (w/ Sam, Avery, and Charlie), Bert and Robert, Kevin, Randy, Lang and Chrissy, Sara and Brandon, Zach, Stro in the shop and Dave with wrenches. 168 hours... we covered the Ashram, Upper Springer, Heartland, NATO Breakfat Bowl, Gandalfs, and lots in between. THANK YOU Ed, Kevin, Dick, Bruce, George, Cindy, Krissy, Bert, little Robert, Frank, Keith, Phoebe, Adam, Robbie, Todd, Chip, Harry, Mike, and Ron November's opening weekend where we covered a lotta ground and over 94 man hours of trail improvement in one weekend

Hawk Knob Cidery

Grateful for you and all of these years of practicing yoga together! THANK YOU Sign up www.mountainyogawv.com Full of Gratitude, Anne

Thanks for your DAILY votes! Best xc Resort (we won!)

I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule as the Washington Post's chief weather editor to add Davis, WV to the paper's daily regional weather/temperature map per my recommendation. Your paper is read world-wide! The addition of Davis, a true Allegheny Plateau high country town (3,100 ft. elevation), adds a new dimension to your paper's weather page, giving reader's knowledge of the typically vastly different weather that's occurring in the mountains only 125 miles due west of the city (as the crow flies), where the vast majority of the paper's readers travel for local mountain recreation year-round. Also, I couldn't believe how you made the change happen in only 2 days from my request! Thanks again!!! Robert Leffler

Jack Kangas 11/18

Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge thanks open house

Holly Hinkle

Jacob Lutz Dance 12/15

Mtn.Yoga Orographic


Randall Reed / Super Farm Owner Garrett College


Matador Best Family Ski Trip 2018 (WG featured under SOUTH) * November is often an excellent time to climb at Seneca Rocks. Most of the crowds are gone, even when the weather is perfect for climbing. Seneca and Nelson Rocks' unique geology allows us to climb in the sun all day long, making the climbing enjoyable even in cooler weather. Join us in November for crowd-free climbing in the North Fork Valley of West Virginia! Seneca Mtn Guides

Snovember Idaho Susie Choby

Sending my love to the WG family. Snowy Sept. has arrived. Happy first day of Autumn everyone! - Susie Choby

Canaan Mtnbike Fest Michael Doig

NSP 2018 Nordic Ski Enhancement Seminar @ WG * Ski Patrol Mountain Travel and Rescue Courses

Snowy Halloween

Coastal storm brings first widespread Appalachian snows from Georgia to Pennsylvania from Bob Leffler

Beautiful Snow! Your daily report picture this morning made my day, THANKS  (and to Mother Nature too ) Can't wait to make it up from NC soon this season - David McCue

Bill Gerhold Art Bridge Day Sicklers Hoop

Friends of Blackwater

Nellie Rose

“We’re not anticipating the kind of record warmth we’ve seen the last two winters.” Climate change at work? Weather Service calls for third straight mild winter. * Wash Post Winter Prediction

Accu Winter Your annual reminder that using the Farmers Almanac for a seasonal meteorological is about as good as going to a psychic.

Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum... 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees include... Dickie Hall * Waitsfield’s Dickie Hall, the founder and director of North American Telemark Organization from 1975- 2015, introduced Telemark skiing in every ski state with his Telemark Festival Series. He also conducted a yearly schedule of workshops, camps, expeditions and guide and instructor training. “Over the years I’ve probably taught over 40,000 skiers and trained 1,000 instructors and guides worldwide.” Hall started his career on the Killington Ski Patrol in the early 1970s and became Chief Examiner and Certification Chairman for PSIA-E Nordic. In the late ’70s Hall started the annual NATO Telemark Festival at Mad River Glen and ran it for decades. “This was the world’s largest public event for telemark skiing, attracting over a thousand skiers for the weekend,” he recalls. During his career, Hall also produced five movies on telemark and backcountry skiing, consulted and trained staff for the nation’s leading outdoor schools and was an adjunct professor of ski mountaineering for the University of Alaska Wilderness studies program.

Phew, thank goodness, these guys aren't always believable! Todd * Hello! Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman is just advising you that he is out of "SLEEP" mode and keeping his eyes on the horizon for the threat of any winter weather. My abnormal deafening silence to date is the result of the continuing bizarrely mild weather pattern this October, which began a month ago in mid-September. Furthermore, other than today and Tuesday being more October fall-like followed quickly by yet another return to unseasonably mild conditions, I see no winter weather threat in sight out another 10 days for the WV high country. Right now, this October looks like it may end up being one of the warmest, if not the warmest, October in the 73-year Canaan Valley official climate record. As far as winter weather outlooks go, you probably know by now that I am not a proponent of long-range winter weather forecasts outside of years having an active El Nino or La Nina. Since neither of those large scale tropical Pacific Ocean phenomena are ongoing, that leaves me with the almanac and the Banded Woolly Bear strip patterns as alternative forecast tools. I am not a fan of either or those options. Being honest with you, I am very happy to verify a forecast 7 days in advance for a day with winter weather. In any case, you will hear from me a week or so ahead of when I see a threat of the first flakes on the horizon. Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman

Flash Powder

Jason, As chief weather editor for the Washington Post, I want to commend you on the outstanding article you published on this year's WV fall colors report HERE. Your inclusion of satellite imagery, photography, and ground observations in the story was nothing less than splendid! I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see a major media source provide the DC area audience with correct information on the high WV Allegheny Mountains spectacular fall foliage. The trees above 3,000 feet there are always bare by mid-October with the typical late Sept.-early Oct. peak being similar to that found in northern New England. Also the mix of northern tree species including quaking aspen, sugar maple, and red maple, mixed with evergreen conifers (Canadian Hemlock, Red Spruce, and Balsam Fir) also makes the WV high country color and contrast similar to spectacular northern New England. Another advantage for DC residents is that this part of WV (2,000 square miles lie at or above 3,000 feet) and it's world class fall colors are only 3 hours (by car) away! Again, congratulations on a job well done! Bob Leffler

Brain Schatz


GOOGLE 10/10 "It is better to go skiing and think of God, than go to church and think of sport." Fridtjof Nansen Among many other things he would often ski 50 miles a day with his dog! Sent by Tom in French Creek...All the best!

Austin Powder Company Eric Thompson

Martin We had fun this weekend and the kids enjoyed the boulder park, especially the typically risk averse older one. The mountains, the people, and the welcoming vibe are what continue to bring us back to the Valley. We are looking forward to snow! - Dave


Joe Henry

ASPEN SNOWMASS WILL OFFER RENTAL SKI MOUNTAINEERING EQUIPMENT * For the first time this winter, Aspen Snowmass, CO, will rent gear for those who want to ski uphill, according to published reports.Effective this winter through the 2019/20 season, Dynafit will provide exclusive equipment rental and demo gear for uphill skiing at the resort’s Four Mountain Sports stores.This is a big deal for those who would like to try ski mountaineering. Uphill ski gear is extremely light and also skis downhill surprisingly well. But it’s incredibly expensive. A basic ski touring setup starts at more than $1,000.The new rental will give those interested in trying the sport an opportunity without shelling out for gear of their own.Dynafit was instrumental in developing ski mountaineering equipment. It developed popular “tech” bindings that helped form the sport.Dynafit hardgoods – including skis, boots, skins, and poles – will be available for rent at Four Mountain Sports’ Aspen, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, Snowmass Mall, and Snowmass Base Village locations.

10 Charming American Towns That Aren't Famous Yet (But Will Be Soon)

Red Spruce Planting


Our CAFE has 2 popular cookbooks. We specialize in off premise catering. Call us for your party, wedding, or reunion in the local area. More info about our trails and rates.

WG Shop Offerings
Rentals including on and off track, child, telemark, backcountry, skating, ski along pulk sled, NNN BC, 75 mm cable, & snowshoes. PSIA lessons, guided tours, NSP ski patrol, telemarking glades, backcountry, full spectrum retail shop, most all ski repairs and service. We have liberal youth trade kids gear programs, equipment upgrading with trades, and used gear for sale everyday of the winter. The cafe will keep you well nourished. We often roll interesting video and music as well as live concerts.

All my life, right and wrong tangled, playing with the moon, ridiculing the wind, listening to the birds…Many years wasted seeing the mountain covered with snow. This winter I realize snow makes the mountain - Dogen Zenji * skiing is not a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that * Nothing finer than standing on this great planet! chip

Facebook Remembering Old Canaan ...Chip Chase videotaping the mountainbike trials events - barefooted no matter the rocks underfoot or the weather. Roger Bird * ...where'd it go? WG Tomb Most important muscle in skiing is the one in your cheek that makes your lips shape into a smile. Dickie Hall * Blast From The Past

Some of the secrets to slowing down on xc skis is having the skills to create even shape, pressure, and a balanced 50/50 treatment to each ski, never favor or lean and be politically correct to yourself...you have two legs, feet, and two long skis....treat um equally and you will love skiing hills from then on...be flat center in the middle of that well shaped "V". Tilt your skis on edge to cross a sidehill i.e anywhere at WG. Place your weight firmly over each step like monster-giant stomping and again travel forward and be the boss. Basic athletic flexed ankle and knee position throughout your skiing and when you stride your body needs to up out and forward and your knees should lead the way. Concentrate weight and steering to the back ski in the tele turn and you MUST turn the back knee and ski up into the hill.

Aver. Snow ERIE, PA 88" * BUFFALO, NY 93" * TALKEETNA, AK 115" * CANAAN, WV 140" * MARQUETTE, MI 141" * MT. WASHINGTON, NH 260" * TUG HILL, NY 300"

Moonshine Makes Comeback Bootsy World Funk/npr

Linnie in Scotland Deb Klein / fringed gentian

Paw Paw Pawpular

Enjoy! Look what you helped to create! Dan Bucher Director of Development Cortland Acres

Thanks Carl Goetz

OTR cavers

WV Native at Burning Man

Boulder Park Ribbon is Cut 8/25/17

Upper Yough w/ BOA

under foot in Tucker County

Eric Erbe TCT Regional Guru

Oil Creek, PA XC w/ John Sims

Blackwater River / Liz Stout Jacob Ameri Corps

Shroom Walk Success! Good morning, Chip! Wanted to thank you for all your efforts making yesterday's mushroom foray fun for all who attended. And the large crowd speaks well of your long history of putting together an entertaining event. I heard a lot of comments from folks saying your event greatly increased their mushroom knowledge--one person said "I learned more in 2 hours today than I have in previous classes/events on mushrooms". Best wishes, Tom Wood

Great American Eclipse viewing party Green Bank WV ...Despair not. There will be solar eclipses visible from parts of the contiguous U.S. on Oct. 14, 2023, and April 8, 2024. The one in 2024 will be a total solar eclipse visible from Texas to Maine.

Candlelight For Peace / Thomas (8/16)

TIMBER HISTORY OF BLACKWATER CANYON/DAVIS AREA Good news on Tucker Boulder Park! The contractors are on site to install the 3 pads. Additional funds were secured (in short order) to add a concrete curb around the project to help keep the mulch in place. Two boulders are in production with a tentative install on or before mid-July. Grant applications have been filed for the purchase and installation of the 3rd boulder with no guarantee that any of them will be approved - so the status of that is still unclear. Donations are still trickling in and hopefully will start flowing once there is activity on site. The trail portion of the project (funded by a 2014 WV DOT Recreational Trail Grant) is still held up in the environmental review process in Charleston. The grant administrator is doing everything in his power to try to get the Notice to Proceed for 2017 construction. An opening day Rock Fest is planned and we hope you will be able to attend. Diane Hinkle, Development Director * Tucker Community Foundation

Thanks to Craig Offut for gifting this "somewhere in WV" poster to WG!

Dave Esch shoots us under the bridge on Laurel Fork, one of our favorite whitewater streams

late 70's (WG was in VA then) Canaan Hgts w/ East West Alice

Tom Volk


Middle Fork Salmon River of Rivers

We've posted more than 20,000 photos since our website's first winter day.....almost as much as kids post in one day on Instagram

Canaan Mtnbike Fest

Joe Henry

some of the gear still looks skiable


Art Spring

wv mtn counties / Bemis is capital

Robbie Groovy Groomer & family plant Dogwood in honor of his Dad / Canaan Hgts

Art Spring

Chip - I want to buy a season pass for next year. Beat the rush. I attached a couple of pics from this past year. I tried to ski with my daughter, Lucy and her boyfriend Amaan – they live in Dubai (it’s hot there). Amaan had never seen snow (he is from Delhi). It was wild that day – a blowing you down blizzard – great day, but I was not taking them out for a first cross country ski experience. We gathered the family (3 are missing in this pic and I’m taking the picture) and just enjoyed being at Whitegrass. This next year will be AWESOME! Steve Sanderford

WG Cater Brochure

Mt. Washington, NH reported 22.8 inches of snow during the 24-hours ending midnight May 14, 2017. That is a new 24-hour May snowfall amount. The previous 24-hr. record was 22.2 inches in May 1967. The 38-hour storm total for this event was 33.3 inches, also a record for any May multi-day snowstorm. Bob Leffler

Eddie Spaghetti

Eric Thompson on the road for Creature Craft * Cross-country-ski-areas-celebrate-great-winter

B R O (Mikes other line of work....art!)

Tele is Dead? sent by Ed Phelps ...comments online @ Powder * Here's a twist: Try coming at it from kick'n'glide only beef it up a bit: there's your home sweet home for tele. Mellow hills and mileage. NNN-BC gear is the hardtail mtbike of skiing and it's right under everybody's nose. In a world of kick'n'glide roadies, BC delivers your singletrack back at you in winter with turny-glades mixed in. The majority of snow country is hardwoods -- where heavier gear isn't right, but THE TURN is right on. Of course, nobody has put a dime into marketing kick'n'glide in decades either. --More fun that's ready for a comeback.

6 inches of May snow coats Southern Appalachians

Todd Romero

Bill Beatty WV Mag

Some folks asked in response to my photo yesterday Milky Way was surrounded by clouds. It is the galactic core of the Milk Way which is the diagonal pattern in the center of sky part of the frame. It was perfectly clear with no clouds in the sky both yesterday and this morning. That diagonal region is the edge of the galaxy disc. Joe Henry

David Drazen & Family Norway!

Your Fearless One now sees a hard freeze next Monday and Tuesday mornings likely with some snow also likely Saturday Night into Sunday. I also expect minimum morning temperatures to reach the low to mid 20's F both Monday and Tuesday with the lowest readings in higher valley bottoms. High temperatures Sunday will be stuck only in the 30's F and near freezing above 4,000 feet. Some snowfall is likely late Saturday night into Sunday as a potent storm system spinning overhead winds down but still interacts with the high ground to produce some rain changing to upslope snow. The warm May ground will hinder any accumulations. With that said, I still see the following potential snowfall: 3,000 - 3,500 ft.: trace (less than 0.1 inch) to 1 inch * 3,500 - 4,000 ft.: trace to 2 inches * >4,000 ft.: 1 to 3 inches * Mountain tops in the area should be nicely whitened by this event by both snow and rime ice. This is the start of what appears to be an prolonged period (one to 2 weeks) of unseasonably cool weather for the high ground. Multiple follow-up freezes are possible into mid-May if this pattern holds. I recommend delaying planting of sensitive flowers and crops until this risk passes. I will advise you if I see any significant changes to my Fearless Forecast. In the mean time, stay tuned to your local National Weather Service forecasts for more timely updates.
Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman 5/4/17

last snow? Bill Fischer 4/7/17 Diane Rader Canaan Heights 5/7/17

Hawk Knob Article

27th Smoke Hole

Cheat Fest * Art Spring * Canaan Mtnbike Fest

CVI Stream Restoration/ npr

ONE VERMONT SKI RESORT RETURNS TO ITS ROOTS : While two Vermont ski areas have been acquired in mega-mergers in the past weeks, another one is returning to its roots. A group of local investors led by Ralph DesLauriers and his son, Evan DesLauriers, closed Friday on the purchase of Bolton Valley Resort, according to published reports. Bolton Valley was founded by DesLauriers and his father Roland in 1966. DesLauriers owned and operated the resort from its founding until 1997. Since then, the resort has changed hands several times and until Friday, was owned by two real estate developers from Burlington, Larry Williams and Doug Nedde. The management group, including resort president George Potter, will stay on to oversee day-to-day operations. The management group has its work cut out for them. Over the years, Bolton Valley Resort has aged and what was once a year-round destination resort with winter and summer amenities has, over the years, reduced its amenities and narrowed its focus to the winter. The group has ambitious plans to update and renovate the property, restore summer amenities, and enhance customer service. The purchase includes approximately 700 acres of land, six lifts, a 64-room hotel, 10 lodge condominium units, four restaurant facilities, a small general store and deli, and a 20,000 square foot indoor Sports Center. In addition, the company has contractual access and use rights for cross-country & backcountry skiing and hiking on 1,144 acres of adjacent land in Mount Mansfield State Park.

Backbone Farm

Richard & LA blessing WG in BC!

JACKAL HUT Colo. more fun with friends, thanks Greg Berry!

MLLC is looking for an Executive Director to be the key management leader of our nonprofit. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the organization's strategic plan, including program development, fundraising and community outreach. Other primary duties include communication, bookkeeping and administrative duties. This part time position reports directly to the Board of Directors and pay is commensurate with experience. For a more detailed job description and application information, visit http://www.mountainlaurellearning.org. Deadline April 28.

Rick and Whit at the Bird

Thank you for late-season skiing bliss. I left my heart in Canaan Valley... My little one insists on going back tomorrow. Will have to wait till next season. Katia Dianina

WV Wild Mushroom Foray July 21 * Whiplash Winter For XC Ski Areas

This was an amazing experience for all. I have attached some of our favorite pics from the trip as well as a formal thank you letter. * To Chip Chase, Brad Moore and White Grass: Thank you for hosting us in March 2017 for our wilderness medicine course. The educational opportunity you provided to Georgetown Medical Students by sharing your years of experience in ski rescue was priceless. The chance to learn from pre-hospital EMS and rescue experts is the highlight of the Wilderness Medicine course for our students; coupling that experience with cross country skiing made the lessons even more memorable. Your kindness in sharing your time and skills with us for the day is reflective of the amazing generosity and service you provide to the greater Canaan community every day of the year. Visiting and working with White Grass provided the students with a greater understanding of what it takes to take care of a whole person in line with Georgetown’s motto, “cura personals”, and we look forward to learning from you again. Sincerely, Matthew Wilson, MD * Georgetown University School of Medicine March 2017

Staff Party...Glad to serve while spreading the gospel that winter can be one of your four favorite seasons.

if there's snow on the ground skis are on your feet...

In spite of no snow for the Birkie, team Spider Lake Lodge persisted and found skiable "freshie" in Michigan the day of the non-Race! Thanks for keeping XC alive in the midAtlantic, and see you next season at Whitegrass! Ray Phaneuf & Cristina Loglio


Morgan Chase by Liz Stout 3/24/17

Sue Haywood shooting the boss before heading out to MtnBike season...love you girl!

I had the best weekend last weekend. My old high school buddy and I met up there on Friday and did a few hour tour, concluded by dumping snow. Saturday was a longer tour as more friends showed up, and I traded up my Evos for some Fishers and some of those rad red boots that you guys have. SO MUCH BETTER NOW. Sunday was an easy sunshine last-day-of winter- tour and we'll see you next year. Your staff, as you know, are amazing. Best, Jay Blincoe

Greetings from CO! Thanks for another great season. The lean years make us appreciate the good years that much more but WG always delivers because of the great team! Y'all make it look easy! Thanks everyone! Andy Mollohan

Spencer floats Doc's Side Of The Moon

If it was the end of winter, it was a grand finale. Thanks to you and everybody else at WG for maintaining infectious enthusiasm through a tough season. John Sills

no I don't hafta go A great day of friends, skiing and thunder snow! Anne Marie Lareau

Estrella dog paddle Doc's Drift

Team White Grass represented at the Norwegian Birkebeinerrennet. Lester & Mike

"old people skiing in circles on flat ground" Brian Hazlett's snowboard view of xc until he actually skied here...his big take was all the peace and quiet.

A Winter's Storm In March Means A Morning Skiing The Glades

STELLA BRINGS MEGADUMP OF SNOW TO NORTHEAST; NORTHWEST TURNS SOGGY * For most of the winter, ski resorts on the West Coast, in particular, have had near-daily updates on how many inches/feet of snow they received in the past 24/48 hours. While those on the East Coast have seen a cycle of snow, then rain, then freezing temps, then a heat wave – repeat. But the tables have turned, at least for the moment. Reports say that skiers and snowboarders heading to the slopes in the Northwest in the next few days will have to contend with extremely soggy conditions that will put to test even the best rain-wicking outerwear. Meanwhile, Stella – called a “blizzard” by NOAA and a “major nor’easter” by pretty much everyone else – is dumping on the Northeast. Some areas to the south are reportedly getting more sleet and freezing rain, but in Vermont, upstate New York and most of Maine and New Hampshire, light dry powder is answering the prayers of snow addicts who have suffered through another up-and-down winter. Winter Storm Stella is the biggest winter event Vermont has seen in years. Over the past decade, the Green Mountain State has only seen five storms that have accumulated more than 15 inches of snow, and among them, Stella ranks third.

Brain Gurr Sue Haywood graceful tele

Anytime you want to slow down just ski into a drift * Guess the human sacrifice worked Spencer Lee * Nirvana is not a band...it's a place called White Grass Mikey * The tiny things that run the world - E.O. Wilson * I don't want my cool friends know that I kick and glide * It was as awesome as it could be

eddie spaghetti

Thanks Amy for the water and woods walk

Mr. Dave 3/11/17 Lange King

Frank Slider (last drift in Canaan?)

A big thanks, again, to you and Laurie for opening your door to Shelton and I last Thursday morning and so graciously lending us a chainsaw to clear FR80 to the top. We had a blast of a long weekend celebrating my friend's 50th. Unfortunately we were running late Sunday (with a 4 hour drive ahead of us) and made the hard call of passing up those great beers on tap. Until we see you again... much love to the whole Whitegrass family. Kindest Regards, Jonathan Dodd

Todd sez this is the entire ski season capsulized...thin cover orange

The Herricks


Andrew Gault

dave markgraf 3/4 & 3/5 Sickler Farms

Crafty Snowbird Hats Davis WV

Naked Chicken Taco and WG * SnowMaking in Norway sent by Janet Preston

Mike/Lester to Norway for Birkie!

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Walter * WG Junk Archive Place * Fritz & Athey * Local Wind Farms * WYEP is playing the Decemberists in February * many people to thank...Robbie, Sue, Adam, Mr. Dave, and Zach for freezing fingers while shutterbugging * Refuge Snowshoeing * If it's a good way to spend a day...a great way to spend a life Eddie * WG Race Results * 250 million people can drive here w/in day, we get 250. 1/10,000 of 1% * Patrick said he'd do a lot better if he just went fast as hell and went into a snow bank * As a talented person I find xc skiing very humbling Rebecca * They oughta invent a snowboard that goes sideways....they did 3000 years ago, called xc skiing * skiing the blizzard was like a snow globe, well shaken Andy "James Bond" Stump * Canaan Ski Webcam * there's something wrong with these skis, I keep falling * cheapest psychotherapy I know. Barry * Its gotta rain to snow Allen * the skiing is HEAVEN, there is no "ALMOST" about it Mac Thorton * we'll never share our skiers, all mine * Kids drag their parents to snow worldwide * having put so much into bringing totally legit xc skiing to the southeast and brightening the lives of many along the way. Be well, and see you next season. 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The note said " I will be back soon" Robbie * that dirt was pretty sudden Eric skiing friday near his house * 27 worker bees sat & 20 sunday = 225 hours this weekend alone and boy the cafe lunches were yummy * Eat, drink, ski, and be merry! Kevin Moore * After reading this, I've decided to cut trap door in my roof. Dave Lesher * Flickr whitegrass * May the winter be with you * Today we stretch fence, tomorrow sweep trails, the next day cross country ski! Six more months of wintery type weather to look forward to * Casey sent great cold freezing windy horrible winter weather news in that Cold Northeast, Interior Mid-Atlantic to Yield Snowy Winter Season * Our daughter's favorite season is winter, due in great part to you. Highland Market * Ol' Whitegrasser art Sean Conroy * WG Rentals Rossignol Evo Trail, Fischer, Alpina skis nnnbc boots by Alpina, Rossi, Madshus, and Fischer, Leki tapered aluminum poles with WG logo * Metal edged skis by Rossi, Madshus, Alpina, Fischer * Tele skis by Voile, Ski Logic and Boots by Scott/Garmont and Scarpa

Mike Sayre