Optimism Comes Naturally

Cold early spell retreated north meanwhile warming back up to slippery trail work, cafe with fantastic meals, a live music venue, ski shop, and go for a hike. Canaan Skiing & Blackwater Sledding

12/17 9 am 34 sun trying to pop out and gusty

WG Daily Report.pdf * Voodoo cam (upper 3 mile)

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SURFACE the earth


CAUTION muddy hiking


Usually Open Daily for lunch 11:30 am - 4 pm

Dec 22 - Jan 1 Holiday Menu

Consider WG Cafe Catering spring, summer, and fall


Last Snowfall 1" 12/6

4000' stake 0"* 4300' stake 0"

SNOW SO FAR 26" Oct 2 Nov 14 Dec 10



SKIABLE DAYS 23 * With 50 KM 3

EVENTS Jan 1 (2019) New Year Snowshoe Discovery Tour - 10 am A natural history snowshoe walk with Chip Chase

SNOWFARM growing grass for next spring

Nat'l Nordic (4200'- 4463') 0"

Snurfer Mad River Glen Parody! Mockumentary Extraordinariness..Burton paid to sneak in and film

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Best Skiing mid January-early March. Expect 50 or 20 below

Powder & Rip * WG Powder Hounds * Geländesprung

Chipper Chase pdf. * Chase Kids / Outside Mag

SEASON PASSERS: Chara Wittamore and Janelle Harlan and Kendrick Smith Friendsville, MD 156 passers so far

SKIERS YESTERDAY went to Canaan to ski!

SKI PATROLLERS: Thanks to Stro, Adam, Ben, Jeff, Penny, Paul, Jason, Gary, Brad, Chip, Joel, Stinky, Mike, John, locals Dr. Ed Rader, Dr. Tom Johnson, and other visiting volunteers.

Experience Learning (grooming xc this winter) * East West Printing

Timberline Woes * Still Hollow

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Cold Winter East * Glen Plake coming to WG?

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Trees by Joyce Kilmer
I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

Purple Fiddle Do NOT Misses Chaga Tea Dec 21 * Yarn Dec 27 * Zach Deputy Dec 28 Cruz Contreras Jan 4 * Driftwood Jan 19 & 20 * Bella’s Bartok Feb 17 * Tim O’Brien Mar 22

Trail Work Season hundreds of hours including Ed, Kevin & Susan, Amy, Todd, Chip, Adam, Stro, Steve, Chris, Paul, Robbie, Ben, and Leah. We covered half of 3 Mile, Falls and Upper Falls, Springer, Barton's, Springer Forest, and Cathedral. Sunny crispy Sunday with Harry & Laura, Ron, Robbie, Adam, Eddie, Chip, Ronny & Anna, Ed, Kevin & Susan, and Amy where we coverd lots of the farm, Heartland, Blackbird's Wing, and the rest of 3 Mile. Great Start...THANKS! This last weekend 39 helpers snipped and ditched with Joel, Paul, Avery, Charlie, Sam, Rebecca, Bill, Todd, Stro, George, Bert, Robert & Susie, Adam, Robbie, Kevin, Ed, Mark, Mark, Anthony, Windy, Art, Ben, Jess, Bill, Tim & Melba, Tom, Krista & Jerrod & boys, Chrissy Max & Kim, Will, Frank, Chip. November 17-18 in snow trailblazers gladed, cut firewood, swept a lot including natty nord with Ralph, Edna, Bert, Jack, Doug (PATC), John, Matt, Alex, Chris, Stro, Ed, Kevin, Gerry, Bruce, Bill, Katie, Matt, Dick, Bert, Robert, & Eric, Matt gladed with Adam w/ firewood ending, Morgan, Chip & Adam gladed and rock hunted Thanksgiving Day, Robby bridge n ditch repair in the cold midweek w/ Chip, more glading Nov 25 with Ed, Dick, Todd, & Adam as the mtn. never been better..Volunteers to the rescue Jack Frost weekend include Jim Meckley, Ed Phelps, Kevin Moore, Todd Romero, Eric Erbe, Matt, Jay, and Kathy Clouse/Belyeu, Ann Miles, Sandy Farcas, Pam, Dick Geiser, Krissy Beecher, Bill Fischer, Ken Mauck and many of the WG crew deciding to work for free

If the storm near Christmas moves quickly into the Northeast and taps into cold air, then there may be snow on the ground in parts of the Midwest, central Appalachians and perhaps the coastal New England and the upper mid-Atlantic. Weather Channel 12/16

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we should have built in scrapers at every intersection Sue * Powder & Rip * WG Powder Hounds * Geländesprung * Chipper Chase pdf. * Chase Kids / Outside Mag

SEND A mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions Oliver Holmes


Chas Gazette

Canaan has moved their xc operation to the golf course area and skiers will enjoy the amazing views and many wind drifted snows. Good choice and love it there! cc * Flakes by John Tidd

Carolyn Cavendish

12/13/18 by Mr. Dave

i think i know where this is

We need your help!

We are just under 700 hats away from meeting our goal
of donating at least 10,000 hats in 2018
through our Project Warmth initiative.

We need your recommendation
to where we can make a donation in your area.

To make a recommendation please go to projectwarmth.org
and fill out our online form or email projectwarmth@turtlefur.com
and provide use with as many details as possible such as the organizations
name, city/state, and a website and contact name if possible.
For more information go to projectwarmth.org * Thank you and Happy Holidays!

voodoo upper 3 Mile

Jack Kangas

Elk River totally took care of the wg crew at Snowshoe and THANKS!

Excellent instructor: Tony! * Excellent after-ski reward-bringer: Chip * Excellent info/salesperson: Sue * Love you guys and we look forward to seeing you all a lot in the future Wanda Barbo

Art Cerami Chip and the Boss Randall Reed

Caroline Rogus

My boys favorite part every time is to watch you guys hard at work. Thanks for always being so patient. Marc Yester

Jack Kangas

Mandy Sullivan

Hello fellow skiers at White Grass, We have something that may interest skiers at your resort. Nicole & Tim

Experience Learning Summer Camps on Spruce Knob: We'll be grooming some XC ski trails up there this winter Katie

THANKS $1900 in cash/truckload canned goods for local all volunteer food bank from Jack Frost Celebration

Camp Horizon

Bill Waite East West Printing JFC sticker guru

Stumptown, Big Timber, Honey River, Chestnut, Mtn. State, Winchester Cider Works, Greenbrier

Bill and Hillary Berlin taking more than full advantage of our pre Jack Frost skiing conditions

Hey buddy sorry to miss jack looked like fun hope yall is sliden a little had to join the real word of the magic box. Haven fun in the Dominican republic went caven yesterday tell all I said tarnation and hubba jibba Much love Si

Johhny G/ JFC

crud puppy, mud puppy, cow pie Hillary/Elisa by chip

Justin Harris 11/17/18

Ian Van Wingert

Anthony & Wendy trailblazein'

Still Hollow

Vern Patterson

Latest Long Term Winter Forecasts * 2017-18 SKIABLE DAYS 94 * With 50 KM 57 * SNOW 155" LAST YEAR SNOWY EARLY - WARM IN MIDDLE - REAL SNOWY ALL MARCH

Trapp Lodge, VT Adam Issenberg

Bill Fischer

Sue Haywood

Nordic Tree Removal Service...all we leave are melting tracks

Glen Plake w/ Sue Haywood quote

Adam Chloe

angelo ross

Cold East

Trail Workers 11/17

WG Snow Farming

11/15 Ed Dean

11/14 Vern Patterson

Thanks again for a lovely day, we so enjoyed spending the day at Whitegrass with you.:) We look forward to skiing soon! Sincerely, The Mason family

sUN vALLEY jACK fROST by Susie

Congratulations! White Grass Ski Touring Center has been nominated in our 2018 10 Best Readers' Choice travel awards! Our expert panel selected White Grass Ski Touring Center as a contender for Best Cross-Country Ski Resort, which just launched. Our contest, which is being promoted by USA TODAY, gives voters four weeks to vote for the candidate of their choice at https://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-cross-country-ski-resort-2018/. A person can vote once a day for the run of the contest.

Paul Poling fall bee home @ Harr Farm

Chase For WV House : Some of you may have already contributed but I’d appreciate it if you could donate here to help create momentum for this platform. Even $5. Anything helps. It’s about creating buy-in and momentum. I’m specifically asking you to help with a contribution before I make this public so that when people initially see it there is already some input and not a lonely zero. If you can’t donate, no sweat and I still care about you. Here’s the link: https://www.crowdpac.com/campaigns/381090/cory-chase Thank you all so much for the encouragement and support. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for your collective support. Be well, Cory Chase * Cory and Buck discuss the issues

Wg whooly worm

oct pow

Blackwater Ski Patrol: Gary, Penny, Mike, Jeff, Paul, Brad (back row), Jason, Chip, Joelle, and Stro...welcome Chrissy & Adam

Kelly Fields

First Flight Middle School NC - early trail helpers

David Faunce


Robin & Michael Aurora Project

NOAA Winter Outlook

NY Times WV Towns

Run For IT!

Joe Henry

Backbone Farm & WG share fungi Mountain Laurel photo by Sheena * CHAGA

Tip Top in Elkins!

Time flies


next generation whitegrassers Estoria & John Mohan Chase SMI

Mtn Yoga

The National Weather Service issued an El Niño watch for next fall and winter, raising the prospects for cooler, wetter weather across most of the United States and a significantly milder late hurricane season. An El Niño — "the little boy" in Spanish, a reference to Jesus, so-called because the Pacific Ocean near South America is often at its warmest around Christmas — can cause increased rising air motion in the atmosphere, often leading to above-average rainfall in the eastern Pacific Ocean. That, in turn, can shift weather patterns around the world.

(not NWS or official yet dream on....)

Buddy, Chip & Laurie w/ Farm Owner Randall 'Doc" Reed 97 goin' on 98!

Pocohantas Caves

NSS in Elkins 2020!

Joined family/friends Sinks Of Gandy for Ben Stout Tribute

Stephen loves Tory by Tom Cecil

lock your WV car in August so back seat not filled with squash not working in Canaan this summer...it was delicious Mike Sayre

Randy French in New Zealand


Thank you for the unsolicited check and kind words. One of the delights of our business is connecting with people like you - it gives us all faith in humanity and hope for society! We will do our best to steer the entire eastern seaboard to White Grass every winter, and we will certainly be there ourselves from time to time. If this rain pattern continues thru winter you may get too much of a good thing! Michael Hermann * Maker of Fine Maps * Department of Adventure * Purple Lizard Maps

I got into the OEC class! Yay! I will study hard, hope I pass ,so I can patrol trails full of smiling snow lovers at White Grass! Krissy Beecher

Chip Shots Footgolf


Sue Haywood and Jason Cyr) Davis WV Enduro Nat'l Champs

Still Hollow

pICKIN iN pARSONS & Steeldrivers

Blackwater Frisbee Golf

Tim and Mollie O Brien Celebration Of Arts Canaan 7/2

Babcock * WV Parks

Vern Patterson

Jacob Lutz

Charm Farm

WG 1981 Chloe Cunningham

SUP stro

Mtn Laurel


FWS River kayak launch

Purple Lizard Maps


Run For It

Canaan Mtnbike Fest

Friends 500th

I rate the 2017-18 ski season on Snake Hill as Average * (note the asterisk). The "Average" part is based on cold statistics, compared to the eight years for which I have kept complete records. Here are the statistics (averages in parentheses): 41 skiable days (42.9 is the average), of which 11, or 27%, were rock-skiing days (13.6, 34% averages). Personally, I skied 36 days this winter (34.5 average). First skiable day was December 21 (that's the latest start since at least 2005). Last skiable day was March 22 (pretty much an average last-day). This was the Year of Just Enough Snow, where we had many small snowfalls providing a thin coating (3" or a bit more) of snow just dense enough so that skis glided rather than scraping. In contrast, 2016-2017 was the Year of Almost Enough Snow, with about the same number of snowfall events but only half the skiable days, 14 of which were rocky. Even that was better than 2011-12, which had only 15 skiable days, 10 of them rocky. On the other hand, we had 70 skiable days in 2009-10, 65 in 2010-11, and 60 in 2013-14. Have faith, Ullr loves you and will return someday. All in all, 2017-2018 was the best ski year since 2014-2015, and the quality of the skiing was pretty decent for this far south and 2100' elevation. But the season started late, much of February and March were useless, and we never had a durable base with powder on top. Hence, the asterisk. A few notes: 1) Due to the Trail Fairy's Incompetence, the Ski Trail Map was deleted about a month ago, and the old link is now a 404. The Trail Map has since been rebuilt, though, and the current link, Ski Trail Map of SHWMA, works fine. Please update your devices. 2) To protect your privacy, I am replacing this email list with a Google Group. You'll soon receive an invitation to join the Snake Hill Ski Report Google Group, which I hope you will accept. I believe that the reports will come to you in the same way as they did in the past. 3) It has come to Your Reporter's attention that some people are treating his Reports with Great Skepticism. This is Self-Defeating for the skeptic. Often there is a dramatic, even incredible, difference between conditions on our airy summit and conditions in Morgantown.The main purpose of the report is to alert you when this happens, so it makes us Sad when you doubt us. It is true that we at the Snake Hill Center for Ski Reporting Excellence fervently believe in Chip's Maxim: "Better scratches than dust on the skis." We believe that Good Rock Skiing and even Excellent Rock Skiing conditions are Things that Exist. You may feel differently, and that's fine. But we do our best to report conditions as they are, not as we wish they were. Our Mission is to inform, enlighten, and motivate you out of your midwinter funk.While we don't take responsibility for sudden deterioration of conditions, we do try to warn you when deterioration is likely, and we mention when we hit rocks. Enjoy your summer. If you'd like to help with trail maintenance, give me a call, 276-9390. Strat Douglas

Staffers at the end party time

Hawk Knob Cidery

Randall & Robin Reed Farm Owners


Lester found us a chair lift Geländesprung Morgan Chase

After 4.6 billion years the sun has finally burned out. Gabe Dewitt

Staff Party


BORED & Don't Wanna Ski Coffee and baked goods at Tip Top after a dawn bird walk with breakfast at Flying Pigs, State Park and Gallery stops on your way to Canaan's great outdoors, skiing or skating, hot lunch spots including White Grass, Siriannis, Canaan Park and Timberline. Finish up with afternoon jaunts to a bubbling sand spring or scenic overlook. Dinner open with many choices and then a night cap high quality beer at Stumptown Ales or Mtn State/Blackwater breweries. Drinks and charm Billy Motel in Davis. Rock out at the Purple Fiddle, bed by midnite.

Alternative Activities: What to do when you're wondering why you're here and the natural snow stinks or is nonexistent...besides to an amazing free and welcome hike up parts of our unbelievable trail system and mountain glades, scenic overlooks and shelters with wood stoves, visit the bubbling sand spring on Freeland Road, then telemark ski, night ski, nordic ski on manmade snow, buy one run and combine with a Dolly Sods hike * sniff out snow way up high, ice skate, sled run, tube hill, try snowshoeing, horseback ride, waterfall hikes, mountain bike, fat tire bike, hike, animal tracking, cave, rock climb, backcountry drive, paddle, stargazing in some of the clearest skies, incredibly quiet and peaceful lack of noisy noise, visit nature centers and state park facilities, explore the tourist info office, trade and demo xc gear, climb olson tower, enjoy a cafe and shop a store, support artist galleries, please stop in for ideas from some experts and enjoy a ski video and great music... many great indoor things that make getaways a good time. Experience the amazing Purple Fiddle, Front Street Grocery, Ben's Loom Barn, WV Highlands Gallery, Highland Farm and Food, Lamplight , White Room and Creature Galleries in Thomas and the entire Front Street shops, Tip Top Coffee, Billy Hotel Lounge, Stumptown Ales, Wild Ginger & Spice or Blackwater Bikes, Mountain State Brewing Company. Tucker Community Foundation would love to meet you. There are many other fine local establishments and they need your business. Be thankful we're in the mountains and go exploring, everybody's friendly and if not report back to us!

The Eastern Continental Divide, Mt. Porte Crayon, and the Roaring Plains: The highest hump about 4 miles south of here is the summit of Mt. Porte Crayon. At 4,770 feet elevation, it is the highest elevation on the Eastern Continental Divide in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. It's name honors one of the first white explorers who documented his visits to the area in the mid-and-late 1800's. The flat topped ridge to the left of the summit hump is the Roaring Plains, named for the fierce winds that frequent the high plateau. This wilderness area contains 5.5 square miles above 4,500 feet. The Valley of Red Creek below is nearly 3,000 feet below the top of Mt. Porte Crayon. Red creek's waters flow into the Ohio and then Mississippi Rivers. Precipitation falling on the east side of the Eastern Continental Divide flows into the Potomac River and the Atlantic Ocean. sent by Bob Leffler (see overlook area south of Canaan Valley)

The pure spirit of skiing and the good life is alive and well and living at White Grass. I know of no other place where skiers gather and get closer to that wonderful spiritual aspect of skiing and fellowship. That special place in all nords that makes us want to go outside put on our skis and have fun. White Grass is quite simply my favorite ski area in North America. Ski Hard, Play Fair, Have Fun, Dickie Hall/ NATO

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