Jan 28 WG Loves People

Almost heaven after a night of the lightest snow in years. Feels like it took a while as we are eager starting early and ending late...never want to come in. Purple Powder Alert!

IN WOODS: 5"- 17"

4000' stake: 16 " 4300 stake: 17"


SNOWFARM: 100% complete, 2 to 3+ feet of snow along 385' vertical and 5 km in length. Groomed over and over...great place for a race, testing gear, beginners, or kids. Right out the door, easy access, 2 shelters, fire rings, feed the birds, snacks, pretty views of Canaan Valley, green footprint, sustainable, and it is a work in progress.



Allegheny Nordic Council is pleased to announce a PURPLE POWDER ALERT... calling all cars and all hands on deck. This is an emergency, I repeat...

CAFE: Open for lunches 11 am - 4 pm daily * Fantastic Soup, Yummy Paninis, Desserts

January 30 Live Music Trevor Reichman serving 6pm - 9pm
Green chile pork stew ( chile verde)
Enchiladas Rojas with sweet potatoes, corn and zucchini
Shrimp orange chipotle lasagna
Jan 31 Live Music Douglas Falls serving 6pm - 9pm
Green chile pork stew (chile verde)
Enchiladas Rojas with sweet potatoes, corn and zucchini
Shrimp orange chipotle lasagna

Beers on tap by Mtn. State , Greenbrier River Valley, and Big Timber

NEW SNOW: 5" with 14" last three days

Last Snowfall: 4" on 1/27

SEASON SNOW SO FAR: 71" Oct T Nov 29 Dec 8 Jan 33


KM GROOMED: 30, rolled everything and set track yet it got powdered over again..tsk tsk

HAPPENINGS : Jan 30 - 31 Moonlight Skiing - Yurt 7:30 pm * no beginners please

Jan 31 - Feb 1 NATO Telemark Adventure Tour 9 am * Jan 31 Dangermuffin

Feb 1- Yoga In The Yurt 9:15-10 am with Johnny Garder,wildman vermonter gone dixie

Feb 1 Conservation, Management and Restoration of High Elevation
Forests in the Central Appalachians. 10 am with TNC's Mike Powell

Feb 2 Our Ground Hog's Day Ski - 9 am...bound to get a little lost once again

Feb 6 Single Day Skiing Improvement Clinic 9 am with PSIA guru Randy French (fantastic class for all skiers as he is everything to every one all at once, all the time...DO NOT MISS and it is real cheap...blow your mind)

8 am TEMP: 6 flurries * Hi yesterday was in the low teens with the lightest snow in recent memory. Powder of western hi mtn. quality we have here in Dixieland at 1/10 the cost...Colorodo skiing Davis prices.

Plan on skiing WG before the Chinook winds return...damn them forever.

SURFACE: lite powder one reads about in Canadian Mtn. Journals

Very light snow and +6F at 7AM. Snow extremely dry and fluffy past 24 hrs. Snow/water ratio about 50/1, very unusual. Dave

Trail Report * Fearless Forecast

SEASON PASSERS: Ann Miles & Chris Elfring, Takoma Park, MD and Bernie & Charlie Wright, Charleston, WV, Matt & Jay Clouse & Kathy Belyeu, Takoma Park, MD 236 passers. Loyalty drives our engines faster.

SKIERS YESTERDAY: 55 happiest skiers on earth * Video Trail Report Jan 15

Ski Patrollers: thanks to Stro, Jeff, Penny, Gisela, Paul, Jason, Gary, Brad, Chip, Joel, Stinky, Mike, John, locals Dr. Ed Rader, Dr. John Logar, Dr. Tom Johnson, Dr. Matt Strummin' Lambert as well as other visiting volunteers. Thanks for being around and ready...kinda like a Maytag repair guy. Very few minor injuries...knock on wood.

Worth The Drive? We can barely sleep at night and a challenge for staffers to show up except to Bald Knob. We deserve this and have towed the line for over three decades in deep faith.

NEW! WG Snow Shred by Joel * converting unsuspecting alpine skiers is my favorite past time * Sue Haywood * more powder less lifts

This is my true Christmas Marstar * Jess / Blue Ridge Outdoors * I don't wanna hear anyone say they can not do this. Larry Walsh

XC Is Cool Wash Post * Outdoor Retailer * Favorite Ski Movie * East Of Maui * once you get to the top...there's more * Stephan, Nord,.inc.

Sample Nite Cafe Menu * Easy Come Easy Go * WV LIVING * They got the lifts running backwards at WG * Fritz & Athey

Lifestyle of XC * Nordic Demo Team * Mountaineer Wind Farm * WG Dec WV Mag * Canaan Ski Webcam * Experience Tucker

too many people to thank here....Robbie, Sue, Adam, and Zach for getting their hands frozen while snapping pics for this site * WG Archives

     Some things I learned this weekend:
--getting away from it all with a group of best girl friends is a requirement and shall be done on a regular basis
--sharing a table with a complete stranger can lead to very interesting, thought-provoking conversation and a chance of having a poem written about you
--I can still dance until 2 a.m. (at least the first night)
--I am rather good at twerking
--do NOT spend the night twerking the night before you cross country ski
--cross country skiing, while more difficult than I thought would be, is way fun!
--I wish to become more earthy/crunchy
--I shall cross country ski again!
--it hurts when you fall when learning to cross country ski
--I cannot stay up dancing until 2 a.m. after cross country skiing all day
--walking is made more difficult the day after cross country skiing
--taking a snowshoe hike at White Grass with camera in hand is a beautiful way to spend a Sunday morning
--I have the BEST circle of girlfriends a person could ask for!!! Shana Nine (1/25/15)

silent beautiful hushness muffle of wintertime

DO NOT MISS FIDDLE SHOWS: Jan 31 Dangermuffin * Feb 5 the Black Lillies Feb 15 * Sol Driven Train

Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman (1/28 noon) General: Old Man Winter is staying for the previously advertised prolonged visit and looking to put a Full-Court-Press on. Specifics: Thursday:  Becoming cloudy, windy (gusts to 30 MPH out of the southwest) and warmer by morning as a vigorous disturbance passes to the northwest (over Lake Erie) of the WV high country.  A trailing cold front sweeps through Thursday evening.  Snow showers develop during the day, possibly beginning as light rain or a mixture initially, with highs in the mid-30's.  Any mixed precipitation turns to all snow showers within several hours of the onset, continuing into the evening with 1-to-3 inches accumulation possible by midnight as temperatures fall. Winds increas out of the northwest with gusts to 40 MPH create blowing and drifting snow. Friday:  Strong northwest winds gusting to 45 MPH usher in much colder air and upslope show showers, tapering off by evening.  Highs in the mid-teens. 2-to-4 additional inches accumulation possible (storm total 3-to-7 inches).  There could be a period of heavy snow squalls around mid-day as a strong push of energy ushers in a secondary cold front.  If this occurs, snowfall totals could go even higher. Saturday:  Settled morning lows near zero F and mostly sunny with highs in the upper teens F. Sunday:  Clouding up with light snow developing as a disturbance in the southwest approaches the Canaan.  Highs in the 20's.  This system should gradually usher in colder air late in the day.  Snow accumulations of 3-to-6 inches possible by midnight. Monday:  Settled and cold with highs 5 to 10 F.  Tuesday:  Settled and cold with highs upper teens. Wednesday:  Becoming cloudy with snow possible and highs in the 20's. As always, there is uncertainty in these forecasts and they are subject to change.  I will monitor the situation and advise you of any changes I see coming.  In the mean time, I recommend you monitor more timely public forecasts for your local area at:http://www.weather.gov/pbz/ Once on the graphic, place your curser over your area-of-interest and click to get a specific local forecast. Your Fearless Canaan Weatherman

Eric you're beyond awesome!

WG Junk Archive Place * Local Wind Farms * Trip Advisor * NPR Best Songs * B'water Sled Run is makin' snow now! * Mon. $15 ski Canaan with non perishable food gift...WOW! * XC State Of Industry * Jivaka Wellness Center * Top 50 Albums 2014 * we either have tulips in the yard or three feet of snow this time of the year...or any day in winter * Morgantown Brewery * JFC sticker by Ruthie, Bill, Chip, and Laurie along with East West Printing * Big Timber Brew * Wreath Workshop SUCCESS thanks Dave Saville * New WV Park Chief * Scenic Winter Webcams * Upcoming Winter * Local Mead Ben McKean * Navy leaving WV * Ullr has proclaimed the snow to commence Josh Clarke * Winter has left the building! The note said " I will be back soon" Robbie * that dirt was pretty sudden Eric skiing friday near his house * 27 worker bees sat & 20 sunday = 225 hours this weekend alone and boy the cafe lunches were yummy * Eat, drink, ski, and be merry! Kevin Moore * After reading this, I've decided to cut trap door in my roof. Dave Lesher * Flickr whitegrass * May the winter be with you * stocking Scarpa and Voile Skis 14/15 * Today we stretch fence, tomorrow sweep trails, the next day cross country ski! Six more months of wintery type weather to look forward to * Casey sent great cold freezing windy horrible winter weather news in that Cold Northeast, Interior Mid-Atlantic to Yield Snowy Winter Season * Our daughter's favorite season is winter, due in great part to you. Highland Market * Ol' Whitegrasser art Sean Conroy * WG Rentals Rossignol Evo Trail, Fischer, Alpina skis nnnbc boots by Alpina, Rossi, Madshus, and Fischer, Leki tapered aluminum poles with WG logo * Metal edged skis by Rossi, Madshus, Alpina, Fischer * Tele skis by Voile, Ski Logic and Boots by Scott/Garmont and Scarpa

WG Race Results

We’ll try to get out there soon and strike while the iron is cold. Desmond * WG always under promises and over delivers * Call you Moses cause you have freed my heels Calder

Send A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes

Todd just sent this...more snow, oh my!

Vern Patterson...no wonder Mike never showed up to work...heading out to wv and 8 hours of White Grass should feed the soul for the rest of the season. Dan Coogan, Ft Collins, CO * I hope snow is falling on Chip Chase up at Whitegrass Touring Center. Thanks to the crew, and to the patrons there, for the warm welcome and hospitality Sat night. This place is a gem and should be experienced by all. Let it snow. John Merrill

Headlamp skiing this morning in a white snowy paradise at Coopers Rock. Can't start the work day off any better! Dave * Mar and Olivia had to head up and south to Roan Mtn TN, snowiest location in NC!

Betty Gatewood strikes again. Freeland Run Falls along some of the more secret wg trails

cartoon sent by the notorious Dave Saville

Tucker County High School Goes X-Country Skiing by Charlie Waters * I shared this Post article with my friends saying that at my age (50+) I may actually be considered cool! We've been heading to White Grass since before our teens could get up on skis--they started in pulk sleds--and now we all own our our skis. We've never gone anywhere else. Why would we?! Hoping to make our annual visit later this month so Mother Nature better cooperate with some more snow in the Valley. The Sawyer Family

Thanks for the great pics! Glad to share the super vibe you all generate! * You all are the total reason this whole thing is happening! chip * I am : A reflection of you and the world's light. Kent Baake

Big shout out to Chip Chase and Laurie Little and the entire Crew at White Grass XC Ski Area. Always so happy to be there! I strongly recommend the kids ski gear program for the cost of one set of gear, your kiddo can upgrade year after year. Best food ever! The Polinski Famille Erika, Adam and Daniel ala Morgantown...home of WVU I beg your pardon...chip.

Altai Skiers of Asia * Mark Vieno local hero Cooper 3rd place @ race yet cut the course

Headed your way soon now that it's snowing again.  I've been doing a website of WV terrain trail maps, mostly for Mountain Biking for a while. They can be downloaded for phone apps and Garmin GPS units, or printed. Your paper map is probably still better but maybe some might enjoy having a Whitegrass map on their phone or GPS. It's all free and will stay that way. Feel free to link it on your site if you like. Whitegrass is at the bottom. It's alphabetic.wvtrails.siterubix.comThanks! IB

Special Olympians Thanks again for another great WV/VA Special Olympics Cross Country Games. You guys are the best. Let's all do everything we can to do this next year. Gary & Terry Stone

February owes WG 100" at least for sure. Jamie Mulligan * Thought we'd come up and ski the last of the "thin snow" cover. Bill Whitzeman * Where can I find the White Grass app for my Google Glasses in case we're stuck in DC ? Mark Wenzler * WV MAG

Tom and I had a wonderful time last Saturday, and the warm temps and thin snows on the mountain actually made for a carefree day-no pressure to ski hard or fast or long. Snow farm conditions were excellent just as promised, and we could, indeed, ski to Baldy (though we found it prudent to hike back down). Enjoyed talking with Jeff and Gisela at the Roundtop shelter where I finally got the chickadees to land on my hand. They feel like a breath of air with tiny toes! There's no place finer than White Grass on such a day! Enjoy the photos, and we'll be back in February. Happy skiing until then. Chris Hong


Joey's Bike Shop, Elkins WV headed yer way, powder is calling P Sully

Boy's had big fun. Will see you again soon! Thanks for making it all possible : ) - Bert

Betty Gatewood just test drove our most favorite ski ever and got a case of the "I just gotta haves". One more pair of Rossi Evo Trails out there taking control of winter. Mark and her are skiing out from the GarageMahal this week, never been to the Nat'l Nordic...yet. White Grass on a good day picture, thanks!

TMI Kids Ski Program buy once trade free for life!

Saturday at Roundtop Shelter..Great weekend of skiing. Thanks! James.


32nd Annual Mountain State Marathon Results Jan 25
1st place- Ahna Valach Mingo, WV 18:44

Men’s 25K Skate
1st place- Sheldon Degenhardt Marriottsville, MD 1:27.23
2nd place- Don Nichter Carlise, PA 1:39.22

Men’s 25K Classic
1st place- Jan Merka Clarksville, MD 1:56.00
2nd place- Sean Kelly Pittsburgh, PA 1:58.42
3rd place- Mike Miller Phillipi, WV 2:08.38
4th place- Lester Lind Phillipi, WV 2:08. 52
5th place- Lewis Hart Wheeling, WV 4:12.23

Men’s 10K Skate
1st place- Adam Chase Davis, WV 39.30
2nd place- Chip Chase Davis, WV 44.36
3rd place- Mikey Valach Mingo, WV 55.15
4th place- Mark Anderson Thomas, WV 1:13.21

Men’s 10K Classic
1st place- Chuck Moeser Sterling, VA 44.55
2nd place- Dan Eckel Washington, D.C 57.56
3rd place- Willis Spaulding Charlottesville, VA 1:06.41

Women’s 10K Skate
1st place- Sue Haywood Davis, WV 40:09
2nd place- Charlie Waters Davis, WV 48.55

Women’s 10k Classic
1st place- Anne Jones Thomas, WV 1:22.45
2nd place- Karen Jacobson, Dry Fork, WV 1:23.02
3rd place- Clare Anderson Thomas, WV 1:27.23

We are sending extra racers again to the Marine Corp Marathon since they only get 30,000 entries. After all we have built this race for 3 decades in the most nordic area on the planet.

Adam Chase skier/groomer/climber snaps by Zach Adams (where else do they tele the corners @ xc race?)

Vern Patterson

From Russia With Love A bit of White Grass was seen today in Sochi Russia at the Olympic cross country ski area.   Nothing beats a good day up to Bald Knob and a great bowl of soup at the cafe.  I am attaching two photos but will share others next weekend when I'm back there in Canaan with my uphill skiing friends. Kathleen Black * Eric Erbe

Joel, Marty, Sue

Whitegrass attracts some of the most intrepid skiers around. Bert

This man is a high paid actor Tammi Stauffer 1/14

Thanks for the great trails 1/12. Harrison County Special Olympics owned WG! Gary Abbate Gabe shoots Ski Hash

Not quite as good as the graphic in the men’s head, but similar idea. This was from Saturday. Have a great season! Dan Shewbridge

Shelly Parsons * Vicki and the first Women's XC Fun Clinic

Paul Sullivan Baldy Shelter Coziness Chloe facebook

Snow Yah! sent by Harley Cahen

We're sweltering in the Italian Alps, and dreaming of White Grass! Ray Phaneuf and Cristina Loglio

Davis is in this wonderful article and makes you wanna go all the places there. by Jess Daddio

Ruthie East West ad queen... The Eastern Continental Divide, Mt. Porte Crayon, and the Roaring Plains: The highest hump about 4 miles south of here is the summit of Mt. Porte Crayon. At 4,770 feet elevation, it is the highest elevation on the Eastern Continental Divide in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. It's name honors one of the first white explorers who documented his visits to the area in the mid-and-late 1800's. The flat topped ridge to the left of the summit hump is the Roaring Plains, named for the fierce winds that frequent the high plateau. This wilderness area contains 5.5 square miles above 4,500 feet. The Valley of Red Creek below is nearly 3,000 feet below the top of Mt. Porte Crayon. Red creek's waters flow into the Ohio and then Mississippi Rivers. Precipitation falling on the east side of the Eastern Continental Divide flows into the Potomac River and the Atlantic Ocean. sent by Bob Leffler on task to get a sign and overlook area south of Canaan Valley

Facebook Remembering Old Canaan ...Chip Chase videotaping the mountainbike trials events - barefooted no matter the rocks underfoot or the weather. Roger Bird * ...where'd it go? WG Archive Tomb Page JuNk

Most important muscle in skiing is the one in your cheek that makes your lips shape into a smile. Dickie Hall

Some of the secrets to slowing down on xc skis is having the skills to create even shape, pressure, and a balanced 50/50 treatment to each ski, never favor or lean and be politically correct to yourself...you have two legs, feet, and two long skis....treat um equally and you will love skiing hills from then on...be flat center in the middle of that well shaped "V". Tilt your skis on edge to cross a sidehill i.e anywhere at WG. Place your weight firmly over each step like monster-giant stomping and again travel forward and be the boss. Basic athletic flexed ankle and knee position throughout your skiing and when you stride your body needs to up out and forward and your knees should lead the way. Concentrate weight and steering to the back ski in the tele turn and you MUST turn the back knee and ski up into the hill.

Average Snowfall: CANAAN VALLEY, WV 140" * ERIE, PA. 88 * BUFFALO, NY 93 * TALKEETNA, AK 115 * MARQUETTE, MI 141 * MT. WASHINGTON, NH 260

The pure spirit of skiing and the good life is alive and well and living at Whitegrass. I know of no other place where skiers gather and get closer to that wonderful spiritual aspect of skiing and fellowship. That special place in all nords that makes us want to go outside put on our skis and have fun. Whitegrass is quite simply my favorite ski area in North America. Ski Hard, Play Fair, Have Fun, Dickie Hall (NATO)

All my life, right and wrong tangled, playing with the moon, ridiculing the wind, listening to the birds…Many years wasted seeing the mountain covered with snow. This winter I realize snow makes the mountain - Dogen Zenji

skiing is not a matter of life and death, it’s more important than that

Nothing finer than standing on this great planet! chip

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