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Cross Country skiing and snowshoeing are fun, easy to learn, inexpensive, and healthy ways to spend some of your free winter time. Since '79 we have taken pride in our wholesome natural foods cafe, unique laid-back atmosphere, curvy exciting trails, and backcountry ski specialty shop. Our day lodge provides close access to some of West Virginia's most treasured high country.

Located in a snowy corner of the Cabin Mountain range of West Virginia's High Alleghenies, we pick up much of our 160" annual snowfall off the Great Lakes whenever strong northwesterly winds drop out of Canada. Originally built as the Weiss Knob Ski Area in 1959, Bob and Anita Barton operated 4 rope tows and had snow making here. We now maintain over 60 km of trails ranging from 3220 - 4463 ft. Over 1,200 vertical feet to cross country up and over. Winter Season Web Cams The WG Movie

Trail Map

Trail Guide map & larger image. More trail maps click here.

Area Use Fee:
$20 Adults / $5 kids
XC Gear: $20
Backcountry: $30
Telemark: $38
Skating Skis: $25
Snowshoes/Poles: $15
Kids: $5
Pulk (pull behind) Sled: $5/day
Season Pass:
Adult: $140-person, $250 couple
Kids: $40
Ski School:
Mini $6...the basics in fifteen minutes
Group $15...about an hour long
Telemark $25...bend knee $5 please
Skating $25...diagonal, V1, alternate

Our CAFE has 2 popular cookbooks. We specialize in local off premise catering. Call us for your party, wedding, or reunion in the local area. More info about our trails and rates. Email Us Please!

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